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Stirs (a bit early) Final Mock

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This assumes no trade down(which I always yearn for)

Further assumes no trade up and no trade of Hardy


After hearing Gman talk about the 9 guys that are OT's and WR's that have first round grades, I have made my list.







(Moses could also be gone, but I think him about a #40 value)


They will be long gone.









I suspect they will all be gone.


This leads us to the other position that Gman mentioned as a need.  "CONNER"


I think Dennard and Gilbert will be gone.  SO.



1st   Kyle Fuller  CB  Va Tech

Can play press, off coverage and is very physical.  Will give our D even more options



2nd  Juwaun James  OT  U of Tennessee

One of the guys that will be a solid Pro and can be a good LT, unlike many of the guys who can only play RT.  Might be a year before he starts unless Bell turns into a disaster.  He can fight for the RT with Chandler until.



3rd  Martavius Bryant WR  Clemson

Tall guy who has straight ahead speed.  3rd rounder because he does not have the greatest hands on earth, but physically can be a red zone threat and with our WR coach, probably a lot more. I do not think we have to hit home runs with the WR's this season.  We have some vets and young guys and the competition will be good for all.



4th  Dri Archer  WR/RB  Kent St

Quick as lightning.  Think he can be a threat in many areas.  Hoping we can utilize him.  We will use him primarily at WR.



5th  Ethan Westbrooks  DE  West Texas A&M

Alexander having issues.  CJ getting paid waaaay too much and Kraken on a one year deal.  This guy can get into the rotation right away and who knows what will happen for him after his rookie year.  But, with the other question marks at DE, we need a guy that has the potential to come along, not unlike the Kraken himself.



6th  Laurent Duvernay Tardif  OT  McGill/Canada

Hey, it is the 6th round and this is where you find the guys that sit behind your starters for a year or two and then you plug em in.  This guy from Canada performed incredibly well at his pro day.  Strong and quick.  Highly intelligent as he is studying to be a doctor.  High character guy.



7th  Blake Annen  TE  U of Cincinnati

Just under 250 lbs.  Ran a 4.41 at his pro day.  Can work as an H Back, again, like Archer, giving us some unique looks and sets.  I think opening up our offense is very important.  We have been too predictable and with our OLine having only Kalil in the same spot, we cannot be so predictable.


Sorry guys, no flashy pics or videos.  Not much time and will be gone the first of the week, so getting it out of the way now.


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Just trying to be realistic


It seems that picking at the bottom of each round kinda took us out of the running for certain guys.


Just like missing out on the top WR's and OT's in the first.


Same at the bottom of the second.  By then, J Mattews, Robinson, Adams, will probably all be gone.  Being realistic with this one was tough, just didn't want to say we'd get OBJ in the first, etc., just because that is what we want.

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I like the 1 and 2, but for 3 and 4 how about Norwood and Aberdaris. The rest is good


They seemed to me to be more of the same of what we have already on this team.  I did not want to pick all 6' WR's on this team

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Many have Bryant in the second, so at the bottom of the third, I am afraid he will already be gone.  His combine and pro day jumped him up from the 4th according to most.  At least that is how I was reading most of the reports.  Course they are all lying these days, haha


Appreciate the feedback guys

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I've done a bunch of simulator mocks with similar outcome. If Fuller is there, he might be player with most impact, so I like it. James would be good- even if he ends up at RT, we still a good one of those too.

If Bryant is there at 3, it's great value. I like Archer pick as speed, kr, etc., but worry we'd miss bigger need that could be addressed in the 4th ( D'Anthony Thomas in 6?). Maybe Exum CB, Urban DE, or Yankey G if still available in rd. 4.

Then we have our usual wtf? panther picks at 6 & 7. We always seem to pick 2-3 players that no one expected. Tardif is getting a little run, but this TE isn't on anyone's radar I don't think.

Overall I could see this being realistic.

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