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The Official Guess The Pick Thread

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The winner/winners will get a picture of Zod flipping his new kayak when its made available.


With the 28th Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, The Carolina Panthers Select.....




carpantherfan84 - Kelvin Benjamin

Mother Grabber - My mom

FearTheCats - Marqise Lee

Doyle - his nose

PantherMan89 - Ealy

Draconus - Cooks

lola - Cooks

8 0 5 - Ryan Shazier

mjligon - Ryan Shazier

Mr. Scot - no idea

DaCityKats - Cody Latimer

jfo89 - Jason Verrett

BeasonBeastingBacks - Scott Crichton

Lemory - Bishop Sankey

Kuech the Sneak - Jason verrett

*FreeFua* - Allen Robinson

L-TownCat - Marqise Lee

Saxist Fed - Donte Moncrief

beach - Joel Bitonio

duke11693 - Kony Ealy

panther4life - Cyrus Kouandjio

PhillyB - ebron

MrBubba - Cody Latimer

Monday Night Shyamalan - Ryan Shazier

ctrcat - Ebron

scarface - Lee

SCP - Moses

Rules&Regulations - Clowney

bigdog10 - Moses

mbarbour21 - Jordan Matthews

TheWake - Cooks

Pazhoosier89 - Eric Ebron

The Dictator - Morgan Moses

Jangler - scab, er mole, er hershey syrup

Manos - Latimer

jayflip - cooks (also noteworthy that he likes Zods mushroom)

Future of the Franchise - Cody Latimer

FuFuLamePoo - Davante Adams
dgr81 - bradley roby
MichaelNewtonII - Marqise Lee
4Corners - Kony Ealy
KeeK - Roby
TylerVagyler - Kelvin BenjaminC47 - trade

Roraing Riot - trade

Baby Andy Reid - Jerry Ricecakes

JJman - Fuller



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your mama


she wont be available on draft night, she passed away 4 years ago

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I'm picking my nose.  Does that count?

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Cooks, I'm having the feeling he's going to fall.

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I want Cooks. Want, want, want, want.

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No idea.


Heck, you're lucky if you can find consensus on even the top three picks.  At twenty-eight?  :blink:

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    • Looks like our DE depth is developing nicely.  Let's see his swim move--no wait--if he starts drowning, we'll never get him back in the boat. I still say they were a bit upset with him last season.  Remember the benching during the game following the altercationwith the coach?  Some people never recover fully from a knee injury, especially if they lack the discipline to rehab properly.  I wounder if that is the case? Seriously--he is a TE.
    • A plant where jobs were purportedly saved by Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration is set to make at least 600 staff cuts, many before Christmas. Carrier had opted in December 2016 not to move a number of jobs to Mexico from its Indianapolis furnace factory, following a visit to the plant by Trump. The president claimed he had convinced Carrier to retain 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis rather than outsourcing them in Mexico. And of those 1,100 jobs Trump spoke of, 300 had reportedly never been threatened with a move to Mexico—meaning a total of 800 jobs had been saved. But the company has since announced that at least 600 employees at the factory will still be laid off, with the final 290 job cuts coming just ahead of Christmas. In a filing seen by CNN, the company announced it would be making an initial 338 job cuts in July, four in October and a further 290 jobs on December 22, just three days before Christmas. During a press conference at Carrier, Trump said: “that big, big beautiful plant behind us… will be even more beautiful in about seven months from now. They're so happy. They're going to have a great Christmas. That's most important. He added: “And that these companies aren't going to be leaving anymore. They're not going to be taking people's hearts out. They're not going to be announcing, like they did at Carrier, that they're closing up and they're moving to Mexico, over 1,100 jobs. “And by the way, that number is going to go up very substantially as they expand this area, this plant. So the 1,100 is going to be a minimum number,” he said. The plant said at the time the number of jobs saved was closer to 800, but explained it would be replacing some of the jobs that were saved with an automated system in order to save money, although CEO Greg Hayes did say there would be less money saved by the company in doing so than if they moved production to Mexico. Carrier did not immediately respond to Newsweek’s request for comment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm thinking of another person I'd like to see get laid off, or fired.
    • Shep, Curtis Samuel, maybe Charles Johnson--Funchess in year 3--that could be solid.  Move KB to TE (or keep him away from the Krispy Kremes) and this could be a special group.