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Anxiety and panic in kids

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Based on your post date he's been on this medicine for about a month, maybe a little less. It takes two weeks for the medicine to build up and level off in most cases. Side affects can take months or years to form.


Things to watch for is sleep issues and weight gain. Some medicines kill appetite, others greatly increase it. Most children don't have to worry about weight, it's more of an adult concern. Medicines can also alter sleep patterns. 


So just keep an eye out for any behavior that is abnormal for your family. If you guys are early risers and your son starts sleeping until 11am or sleeping in school. It could be side affects.


At the same time don't assume the medicine is responsible for normal child misbehavior. 



Great news. 


Hey just wanted to mention to look into the side effects and how difficult it is to get off of the meds. I have anxiety pills and only take them once in a blue moon when it's really bad because getting off of them is hell. 

Yeah we looked into everything extensively and this was a last resort.


The doctor wants this to be a 9 month to a year process and then be done. We will see.

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