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2014 Huddle NBA Mock Draft

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Welcome Huddlers, to the first ever Carolina Huddle user Mock Draft!

First off, I'd like to thank Dorian Gray for first bringing up the idea. Second, I'd like to thank everyone who will be participating for claiming their teams in good time and not making everyone wait a week. I apologize to those who couldn't claim a team, however we are running out of time and plenty of time was given to claim teams.

Now, on to the draft

When - The draft will begin tomorrow at 12:00 PM and run through next week up until Thursday (June, 26th) at 6:00 PM.

In order for the timing to be right, each person will get 2 and a half hours to make their choice. If you aren't able to make your pick, or your pick runs throughout the middle of the night, PM your top choices and your selection will be made for you.

Once a person makes their pick and it's updated here, the next person is on the clock. Because of this it's very possible we finish well before 6:00 PM next Thursday. If you miss your pick completely and are never heard from, you will be given the top player left from this list

If your pick is in the middle of the night and you miss it, you will be given more time to make your pick if things are going faster then expected. Here is the draft order

Trades are permitted You may trade players well as long as it works here

Please try to keep trade negotiations inside private messaging to keep this thread for picks and discussing the picks only starting tomorrow at 12:00.

1st round

Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins, SG from Kansas

Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker, SF from Duke

Philadelphia 76ers - Joel Embiid, C from Kansas

Orlando Magic (Traded to MIN)- Dante Exum, G from Australia

Utah Jazz - Noah Vonleh, PF from Indiana

Boston Celtics - Marcus Smart, G from Oklahoma State

OKC Thunder (through CLE via LAL) - Julius Randle, F from Kentucky

Sacramento Kings - Aaron Gordon, PF from Arizona

Charlotte Hornets - Doug McDermott, F from Creighton

Philadelphia 76ers - Nik Stauskus, SG from Michigan

Denver Nuggets - James Young, SF from Kentucky

Orlando Magic - Zach Lavine, SG from UCLA

Minnesota Timberwolves - Dario Saric, SF from Cibona Zagreb International

Phoenix Suns - TJ Warren, F from NC State

Atlanta Hawks - Rodney Hood, SF from Duke

Chicago Bulls - PJ Hairston, SG from UNC

Boston Celtics - Jerami Grant, F from Syracuse

Phoenix Suns - Gary Harris, SG from Michigan State

Chicago Bulls - Adreian Payne, PF from Michigan State

Toronto Raptors - Tyler Ennis, G from Syracuse

OKC Thunder - Elfrid Payton, PG from LA Lafayette

Memphis Grizzlies - Cleanthony Early, F from Wichita State

Utah Jazz - CJ Wilcox, SG from UCONN

Charlotte Hornets - Jusuf Nurkic, C from Cedevita

Houston Rockets - Shabazz Napier, PG from UCONN

Miami Heat - Kyle Anderson, F from UCLA

Phoenix Suns - Clint Capela, PF/C from Switzerland

LA Clippers - Jordan Adams, SG from UCLA

Indiana Pacers (via OKC) - Jordan Clarkson, G from Missouri

SA Spurs - KJ McDaniels SF from Clemson

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2nd Round

LAL (via MIL) - Jarnell Stokes, PF from Tennessee

76ers - Nick Johnson, SG from Arizona

Cavaliers - Glenn Robinson III, SF from Michigan

Mavericks - Russ Smith, PG from Louisville

Jazz - DeAndre Daniels, PF from UCONN

Bucks - Thanasis Antetokounmpo, SF from D-League

Raptors - Patric Young, C from Florida

Pistons - Ioannis Papapetroue, SF from Greece

76ers - Walter Tavares, C from Cape Verde

Heat (via MIN) - Johnny O'Bryant, C from LSU

Nuggets - Mitch McGary, C from Michigan

Rockets - LaQuinton Ross, SF from Ohio State

Hawks - James Michael McAdoo, PF from UNC

Orlando (via MIN) - Jahii Carson, PG from Arizona State

Hornets - Deonte Burton, PG from Nevada

Nuggets (through WAS) - Bryce Cotton, PG from Providence

76ers - Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG from Serbia

Spurs (via MIL) - Spencer Dinwiddie, G from Colorado

Bulls -

Suns -

Mavericks -

76ers -

Orlando (via MIN) -

76ers -

Heat -

Nuggets -

Pacers -

Spurs -

Raptors -

Bucks (via SA) -

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Draft Order/Users

Cleveland Cavaliers (1st, 33rd) - MichaelNewtonII

Milwaukee Bucks (2nd, 31st, 36th, 48th) - CarolinaPanthers8789

Philadelphia 76ers (3rd, 10th, 32nd, 39th, 47th, 52nd, 54th) carpanfan96

Orlando Magic (4th, 12th) - Its The Milk

Utah Jazz (5th, 23rd, 35th) - FearTheCats

Boston Celtics (6th, 17th) - GoCarolina8990

LA Lakers (7th) - *bLACKpANTHER

Sacramento Kings (8th) - *Wolfcop

Charlotte Hornets (9th, 24th, 45th) - teeray

Denver Nuggets (11th, 41st, 56th) - Omega Atrocity

Minnesota Timberwolves (13th, 40th, 44th, 53rd) - Carolina-Chuck

Phoenix Suns (14th, 18th, 27th, 50th) - JJman

Atlanta Hawks (15th, 43rd) - Biscuit

Chicago Bulls (16th, 19th, 49th) - Eazy-E

Toronto Raptors (20th, 37th, 59th) - Matthias

OKC Thunder (21st, 29th) - Rick Grimes

Memphis Grizzlies (22nd) - *Dorian Gray

Houston Rockets (25th, 42nd) - Proudiddy

Miami Heat (26th, 55th) - cbarrier90

LA Clippers (28th) - SuperJTheGreat

SA Spurs (30th, 58th, 60th) - tophermcg

Dallas Mavericks (34th, 51st) - SevyDamus

Detroit Pistons (38th) - *Dorian Gray

Washington Wizards (46th) - *bLACKpANTHER

Indiana Pacers (57th) - *Wolfcop

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This should be fun...

Are the trades just picks for picks?

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I think we should be able to trade anything as long as it works with the NBA trade machine. This going to be very fun.

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If that's the case then it needs to be assumed that all free agents are retained but cannot be traded... and then everyone can just post their final roster at the end.

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Yeah free agents and team/player options is something we need to consider.

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I think we should be able to trade anything as long as it works with the NBA trade machine. This going to be very fun.

It's your team, trade anyway you like as long as works money wise. Trade machine is a good way to go.

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Easiest way is to assume everyone is retained.

It's not the most realistic way, but ideally we would have designed a mock offseason (similar to the mock NFL offseason) but there's probably not enough time.

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    • Yeah really dumb idea. Star players will be getting thrown out for incidental contact that the ref "misunderstands" as a helmet shot. The solution isn't adding more rules or "being stricter" so to say but enforcing the rules that are already established down the middle. Our games are evidence enough that the refs suck but damn I got tired watching other teams play and see the game decided on either bullshit flags or lack of flags. If anybody needs to be punished more it isn't the players but these POS refs the league can't get their heads noses out of the asses of. Always an excuse or some convoluted reason why the refs were right. I actually heard the announcers calling it out tons of these obvious blown calls and yet still the league stands behind the refs like idiots.
    • First I got to say, damn, people trying to instantly make us the most hated team in the league, even over the Patriots aren't they lol. With all the hate Cam already gets then add Kap even if briefly, oh lord I'd hate to picture it. Yeah that first play is what stands out to me the most. I'd expect even a rookie QB to make that read and throw the ball instead of handing it off. That drive ended up in a safety where as if he throws it to Torrey Smith it is easily a 1st down and possibly a TD as he only has to beat one man. I don't even see Kap look around any in that clip so even more so it feels like he gave it away that it was a run play and the Rams read it like a book. I don't feel like we need him nor do I feel like he is better than what we have. As for his protest, I didn't like what he was doing when he was kneeling but hey he had the right to do it. I personally think him putting his money where his mouth was, was a better way than just kneeling and I commend him for doing so. To be honest the 49'ers have said they would welcome him back. Let's not forget he would still be with them had he not voided his own contract. Somebody will sign him though I just don't see it as a starter which is what he clearly wanted to try and be by voiding with the 49'ers.
    • I feel like this is some kind of guilty admission lol and you should feel bad for voting for that Lunatic / traitor president of ours.    But guess what, you will get a chance to redeem yourself in 2020 with more information about the disgraced president  coming out every week.