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Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer?

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Legitimate question. What says the Huddle? Should Kurt Warner get in the HoF?


3 Superbowls, 2 MVPs, 12 years played, rags to riches story.


link to inpiration story (http://espn.go.com/blog/arizona-cardinals/post/_/id/6987/warner-self-aware-of-hall-of-fame-questions).



I say he should get in. Maybe not first ballot, but he should be in the HoF eventually.

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Aside from a career loaded with impressive numbers, he brought his Cardinal team in Charlotte in 2008 for the playoffs and handed the Panthers an embarrassing loss.

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I don't know.  He certainly had a good career, but hall of fame should be for those who had sustained excellence.  From 2002-2007, his numbers are fairly average.  During that 6 year stretch, he started less than half the games his team played in.  He basically had good runs at the beginning and end of his NFL career, but was average in the middle. 

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Longevity and rings help you a lot.


Where is he on the all time yards and TD list?


Maybe i'll go look it up.


In fact I would ask how many starting QBS with 3superbowl starts are not HOFers?


Maybe I'll go look it up

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No. Only had 1 great season and 3 or 4 decent ones.


This post shows how spoiled we are as football fans. If Cam Newton had his 2013 numbers in 1999, he would have been fourth in passing TDs. Instead he was tied for 12th.

In 1999, only Steve Beuerlein and Kurt Warner had over 30 passing TDs. Steve had 36 and Warner had 41. 41 passing TDs in 1999 was huge.... that made Kurt Warner the only person not named Dan Marino to have thrown 40 TDs in a season (at the time).


A few years later, he put up the second most passing yardage in history (at the time). Then he had his hand (wrist?) injury and it took a long time for him to get over that. The year he played for the Giants, he was only there to mentor Eli. The Giants were definitely a run first team; much of the passing game even went through Tiki Barber.


When he got to Arizona, he had no run game and no defense. When he finally was given control of the team (he was originally set to mentor Matt Leinart) and had a run game and a modicum of defense, the Cardinals were NFC Champs.


If you look at it with a modern perspective, Warner's numbers were simply above average. But if you look at his numbers in context with history and the era in which he played, he would definitely get in on a "slow year."

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