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Cowboys send season ticket holders Playoff tickets

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I'll be golfing tomorrow at the course that overlooks their training facility in Oxnard.

I'll be sure to point and laugh.

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    • Sounds like from Jeremy's info he's not a big target for us. Which is a shame to me because he reminds me so much of Greg Hardy on the field and would step in to be our best DE since Hardy left from day 1 and it wouldn't be close. Nothing like Hardy off the field, and not as crazy as him on the field (don't think he'll be telling Ryan to get off his field ever) but his play is just so similar. Dominant against the run, a more than capable and improving pass rusher despite limited athleticism, and can kick inside or out and even drop back in coverage. Would love to get him at 8 if Thomas, Adams and Fournette are gone, but doesn't seem like it's in the cards. I could honestly see him going top 5 though.    Obviously not realistically possible but in this draft I see two DEs who remind me a lot of CJ and Hardy. Solomon Thomas and Derek Barnett. If there were any way, even trading next year's first and second, whatever, I'd try to get both of these guys. We'd be absolutely set on the DL for years and our front 7 would be even more dominant than it was in 2013. And with the young improving pieces in the secondary, and vets like Peppers and CJ still here at DE too we could build a defense with Wilks that could easily be the best we've ever seen and possibly one of the best in league history. That's my dream scenario and one that isn't impossible but not realistic. Theoretically Thomas could fall to us at 8 and Barnett could be sitting there in the early to mid teens. I would trade next year's first and a second this year to get Barnett in the teens in that scenario. DE, arguably our biggest need on the team right now, would be set for years.
    • Agree with experience in the SEC, but with the dept at DL and rotation of KK or Butler at DE I'm less worried more so than things on offensive side. Only  trade up if we get offensive player with 8 first.