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Kelvin Benjamin - Aside from the touchdown....

Carolina Panthers Kelvin Benjamin NFL

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#121 Promethean Forerunner

Promethean Forerunner


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 05:15 PM

I know Jerry doesn't take players with issues but could you guys imagine if we got DORRELL GREEN BECKHAM next yr and step on diggs for the slot

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Yeah, DGB would rock alongside Benjamin but there's no way we touch him with a 60 ft pole.

#122 Brothergrim427



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 05:19 PM

I was a critic of KB going into the draft. I'm not going to say why bc in hindsight I'll he reasons were pretty stupid. I'm very glad we drafted him though he'll do some great things this yr. Another thing I loved seeing was that he and cam were almost always together on the sidelines. That chemistry is important.

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I applaud you sir :) the difference between you and a dumbass hater is ,you are a big enough person to admit being wrong and change accordingly. Thats a trait not many people have it would seem... But none the less I thought it was really cool to read something like is nice post bro :)

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Posted 09 August 2014 - 05:36 PM


Despite your D and rush attack. You still will get your ass kicked by Tom Brady and split with the Dolphins. You won't make it out of your division as usual. Now gfto out of our forum.

the second best team in the league in rushing in 2013 only got better at running the ball in 2014. We will have no problem running the ball in 2014.

and we're not going to Toronto. I will bet the farm on it. Literally. a couple hundred acres bet on it.

I always get my non biased opinions from SB nation. That Michelle Beadle and Skip Bayless, they're on point.

If you want real insight to another team and what is going on - and are patient in reading it because you realize they're fanatics just like you - search for the better team forums and you'll get insight.

In the popular two bills forums I frequent there isn't even one thread about Gilmore getting beat, there isn't much of a mention at all. Why? No one really cares he got beat on one play in preseason. We know his capabilities based on his career thus far and one play in a scrimmage is not indicative of ability.

This was big for Panthers fans and KB fans because this is just one of a small sample size that has been seen. His first game, limited snaps, and he did that. That's something that should make a Panther fan smile. But, don't hang your hat on just that one little play in a preseason game against what NFL pro's label as one of the better emerging CB's in the league. He isn't Haden, Peterson, or Sherman, but he is getting better and improved drastically in 2013.

Here is a good article, if you care from Football Outsiders on CB's. It is titled "Best Cornerback Charting Stats 2013"

anyway, to all of you...
Anyway, I think I've made enough of my opinions here - and keep in mind, they are just opinions and not fact - just like everyone else is sharing here. We are all fans of our teams and that just means we are fanatics. So, say what you want about my opinions I doubt I will reply anymore to this thread unless there is something of particular interest to reply to - and that is above just the average "he got balls in his mouth, herp derp dat ass got whooped" 13 year old behind a keyboard statement.

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#124 Gabeking



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 05:40 PM

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#125 mc52beast



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 05:50 PM

Let's keep everything in perspective... it was a preseason game, not everyone plays at 100% in these games. How about we wait until the real season begins and we see how Benji does. I'm not saying the kid doesn't have a very high ceiling, I'm just saying let's not annoint him the NFL's next Jerry Rice.

#126 Jeremy Igo

Jeremy Igo


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:01 PM

One last thought... I think Benjamin is the NFL's next Jerry Rice.

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#127 BuffaloBills62



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:02 PM


it was sarcasm.  Though, BR actually has some decent staffed writers now.


Really quick way for the huddle to self regulate trolls is to stop feeding them.

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I'm not trolling, boss.  I have an opinion and I have internet access.  I am no different then anyone else here except I have a dissenting opinion contrary to the fanatics here.  I don't need anyone reaction or comments.


If I would have said something about being all butthurt and Gilmore blows and KB is the best ever at everything possible I would have been rejoiced and crowned King.  But, a dissenting viewpoint on something so miniscule as one play, in preseason, I am lambasted.


Your place or not, I ask you to simply understand you are so far off base on your accusation.  I do my best to contribute to this forum, and not just on the football chapter.  I joined this forum because for years I saw good football conversation and thought I might be able to add something every now and again.  I call it like I see it - Bills fan or not, I am a football fan.  I enjoy many aspects of this game and try not to wear my welcome out.  If I am unwelcome by some, everyone, or anyone, I really don't care.  My opinions are no different then anyone's.


If anyone wants me to leave, great.  If you want me to leave, great.  I don't give a dang.  I'm not here to rattle the cages or puff up my chest.  If I create football conversation about football topics - that's all I hope.  Instead, I get a legion of retards with wity one liners and sophomoric humor standing behind nothing but zingers and "oohs and ahh's."


Wouldn't we all much rather enjoy talking about football instead of slamming someone for disagreeing?

#128 CARuthless



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:08 PM

I'd say he looked intimidated.


And rightfully so.


Double post, just wanna make sure you see this. Think I messed when previously quoting you.


#129 DaCityKats


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:17 PM

im a Gilmore fan, and he had pretty good coverage (even tho he did lose his hip), but there is no defense for the perfect ball. Anderson placed the ball perfectly and Benji made a helleva catch. 

#130 Cpt slay a ho

Cpt slay a ho

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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:23 PM

"You can scheme for and control a game horizontally, but not vertically" -Michael Irvin

Something like that. Put 11 on Benjamin. Benjamin's hands will still be highest.

As much as I like to believe this I can see the same problem we ran into last year Kb is going to do a lot of good things this year but when he can't guys like Jericho avant and others need to step it up and show why there better then the last group of guys

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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:26 PM

im a Gilmore fan, and he had pretty good coverage (even tho he did lose his hip), but there is no defense for the perfect ball. Anderson placed the ball perfectly and Benji made a helleva catch. 


I guess your joking, cause that ball was woefully under thrown. :startle:


Benji had Gilmore beat, then he slowed down, due to the poorly thrown ball. This is when/where he stumbled, and had to catch the ball inches off the ground.

#132 ecu88


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

At one point, Buffalo Bills corner and former Gamecock Stephon Gilmore was tasked with pressing Benjamin at the line. The result was Gilmore being thrown to the ground as Benjamin effortlessly completed his route. The last place a NFL defensive back wants to be just after the ball is snapped is on his back. It's not a good look.

Keep in mind Gilmore is a respectable six foot one inch corner.



This may have helped with getting Gilmore to the ground

Hahaha, I forgot KB grabbed some dreads.

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