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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Circa 2007

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Did a little digging this morning. It's fun how the internet seems to be eternal these days. Let's take a look back at some forums from the off-season after 2006.

"Marty fired...Ron Rivera isn't out of the woods, yet. Reply: Who cares? I hope he leaves."

"I'm fine with it. I think it was time for him to go anyway." 

"Rivera is not worth it. He can't scheme and relies on good ballplayers to look good. Chicago has better players on D than we do--I think the D would actually take a step backwards with Rivera. "


"Agreed, though I don't think Rivera was so much the beneficiary of great talent so much as he was a shadow of Lovie Smith."

"It's Lovie's defense anyway. He's the one who brought in the scheme. i have no worries about Chicago's defense, barring injuries again, going into next year."

"People are crying for Ron Rivera to become the DC. Go ask a bears fan and they'll tell you that he rarely ever blitzed, even less than Contrell. The reason he did so well on defense was that big middle linebacker some of you may know as Urlacher. Bears fans would get pissed off at how passive he was. But yet they still had a great defense when it came to players so it worked. So Rivera isn't the answer if you're looking for all out blitzes. "


Fun Facts:


Chicago Bears Records

2005: 11-5

2006: 13-3

2007(w/o Ron): 7-9


Points Allowed:

2005: 202 (1st)

2006: 255 (3rd)

2007(w/o Ron): 348 (16th)


This is the word of Ron for the people of Ron. Thanks be to Ron.





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The story is pretty similar in San Diego too. Ron has his faults, but his defensive pedigree (linebacker on the best defense ever, amazing linebacker coach, coached elite defenses in chicago and san diego, and constructed an elite defense from nothing in Carolina) is above reproach.

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So what you're saying is Ron will have his first SB ring has a coach this year? I can see that. 

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For real, say what you will about the dude, but the guy knows Defense. 

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    • Sorry to see you leave

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    • I am a 3 percenter. I am white, married, no children, no debt. I have a pension for the rest of my life, and we have a couple retirement accounts to also use at some point. I own the home I live in, I built and own 50% of the house my in-laws live in and we have our place in Mexico.  If you think for one fugging second that anything Trump does effects my life from one day to the next, you are sadly mistaken.  That being said, I'm also a compassionate human being who cares about the quality of life for other human beings. I've been places and seen both the best and worst of how people live all over the world. The GOP has proven time and again over the past 40 years they couldn't give a sh!t less about blue collar, middle America. The working class for the GOP are nothing but the mules who lug their riches to the bank. The backs of the working class bore not only the labor that made assholes like Trump rich, but they are also the backs the GOP stand on to keep their feet from touching the bullsh!t they spew. While racism has always had its place in politics, the GOP has become very overt in their racism and have added that to the mix as well.  Sad part is, many naive, uneducated people who live in this country and who have been the forced labor in the GOP camp for the last 40 years are supporting such a regime. Why? Because they have no nuance for anything but the very basic and will believe the simpleton idea of "building a wall" before they'll try to educate themselves and become literate with the entire immigration reform issue. They'll buy into the anti-Muslim rhetoric and believe they are the terrorists despite the fact they should more afraid of the teenage white kid down the street who spends most of his time playing video games in the basement and reads Nazi blogs on his lunch hour in the high school cafeteria.      
    • @Mr. Scot   I am happy for the good, and sad for the bad, but, I do know you will do alright. Just keep your eye on the prize, and all will be well. You may be losing this family, so you've got that going for you.   Keep Pounding my friend. Keep Pounding.