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John Fox

Pat Yasinksa can kiss my ass.

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I don't care how you spell his last name, dude is such a f*cking idiot.

Not one thing on his about how the Panthers can lock up the # 1 seed in the NFC. What does he talk about? Matt Ryan? Are you f*cking kidding me? He didn't do sh*t yesterday. Guy has been jacking off to the Falcons all year. f*ck him. :frown2:

dude c'mon. thanks to pat yaskinas we get a little bit of spotlight and the opportunity to read a write-up from espn on the panthers pretty much every week. its to the point where it should be obvious (to people not familiar with him) that he was aquired from charlotte. give the guy a break, he probably figured now would be a good chance to write about something else...with all the hype building up between the sunday night game coming up, we're pretty much going to see giants/panthers coverage all week.

i dont see why some of you guys dont like the guy. he always has a lot of positive things to say about the panthers, and when he doesnt he's just telling it as it is. he obviously likes the team and enjoys writing about them; if he didnt he wouldnt continue doing so after 8 years.

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Pat is a good writer. Most of you don't even realize he stopped by the huddle tailgate last monday night and chatted a bit. He has to cover the entire south, not just the panthers.

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and it will get worse.

Expect Atlanta to get ALOT of press next season.

They'll see a drop off next year, I garuntee it. Right now they played on fire a lot this year, but most of it was above their talent level.

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I don't have any more problem with Pat than I do with any reporter. Sometimes I agree with him, and sometimes I don't. The truth is that Atlanta is a big story to do what they've done so far. So is Miami. That is two teams that hit bottom last year and have turned it around. One reason it is bigger for Atlanta is because Bil Parcells turned his nose up to them and they're still doing good. I don't like the Panthers getting snubbed, but I don't want them in the limelight either. I think they do better when they feel overlooked.

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