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Sign that kid up!!

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Tuesday morning began just like any other morning for football star Kaleb Eulls.

Eulls and his three younger sisters were among 22 passengers on a school bus bound for Yazoo County High School in western Mississippi until a 14-year old female student boarded the bus armed with a .380 semi-automatic handgun threatening to shoot and ordering the bus driver to pull over.

"I just tried to talk to her and calm her down," said the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Eulls. "She was just getting louder and louder. I guess for a quick second she looked out the window and when she did that I just sprung at her. I just knocked her down and got the gun away from her. When I got the gun I ran out the back door and disarmed it."

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    • Im not quite following you. KB had a whole offseason after getting hurt. Then a whole season. And now another half-off-season. I'm not as impatient with his weight as other are being, but I still wish he would create good habits for himself while he's in his prime. He'll have a longer and more productive career that way.
    • I just discovered that I saved the roster as it was immediately post-draft last year on May 1.  We had 39 on Defense, 35 on Offense (74 total) and brought in 7 UDFAs (plus other try outs). It's DRAMATIC to see some of the changes in terms of relative numbers by offense & defense, and at a few position groups - notably OT (huge increase);  Here are the images: Offense:  May 1, 2016   Defense May 1 2016:   Special Teams May 1 2016   Position break down May 1, 2016:   I'll post a side-by-side comparison of the 2016 and 2017 roster by position totals in just a minute (obviously we don't know all the UDFAs for sure yet.)