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Video representing what we will do to the Giants.

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    • THÍS òp IŠ trîpping ŚOME serïöus FÁKÉswag   #vapenation
    • There are literally MILLIONS of Muslims living in this country.  You know them.  They are your neighbor, your co-workers, your fellow students. The vast majority of them live peacefully.  And I would point out that Christian America are bombing them and killing them too. I'm not saying we are the problem, but we kill them for killing us so they kill us for killing them and it is just a never-ending cycle of retaliations. When we celebrate killing 30 ISIS people  here but to them they are just family and friends.  To us they are evil doers on the other side of the world.  To them it just a fraternity of brotherhood. I don't know what the answer is.  It is FUBAR.  But don't villainize a religion over the actions of a few.  The "average" Muslim isn't the people carrying out these attacks anymore than the average white is a white supremacist attacking minorities. Compassion and empathy isn't weakness it is strength.    
    • As great as Cam is, he will never live up to Geno Smiths career! How dare anyone in the past question weather Cam was better than Geno! How fugin stupid were they?!?