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Mr. Scot

PC Adventure Games

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These are the 'role playing' type games, most commonly in the horror/sci-fi or mystery genre. You usually play a character who's trying to solve a mystery, catch a killer, unlock a secret or some such thing.

Examples of my favorites in this genre:

The 7th Guest

Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

Police Quest: Open Season (notable for the involvement of Daryl Gates)

The Pandora Directive


Scratches (one of the more recent of the bunch)

The Lost Crown (currently playing)

Others I've heard good things about but never got to play:



I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream


Evidence: The Last Ritual

The format itself had fallen out of favor for a while - first person shooters ruling the day - but I'm seeing it come back into the mainstream now. One company has hit it fairly big using Carolyn Keene's "Nancy Drew" character. There are close to 20 of these games out, and they're starting a "Hardy Boys" series as well. My buddy's kids are nuts about these games. They're a little less intense than my general liking, but still can be fun to play alongside the kids.

Anyone else on here play and enjoy this type of game?

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