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My starting line-up(s) for the championship(s)

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NFL.com Georgia Bulldogs league:

Drew Brees

Steve Slaton

Pierre Thomas

Calvin Johnson

Dwayne Bowe

Antonio Bryant

Bo Scaife

Matt Prater

Panthers Defense

Some key players I left on the bench are Marion Barber, Kurt Warner and Houshmandzadeh. I don't have any qualms about this line-up. This team is 13-1, and first in record and points.


I haven't yet made the championship game in my other league, but in this semifinal I am already leading by 30.99 points since Dallas Clark had a good game last night. This team is on a 10 week winning streak, 12-2, and first in record and points.

Yahoo league's Any Given Sunday:

Matt Cassel

Steve Smith

Calvin Johnson

Marques Colston

Steve Slaton

Matt Forte

Dallas Clark

Anthony Fasano

Braylon Edwards

Warrick Dunn

Matt Prater

Jon Beason

Krik Morrison

D'Qwell Jackson

Nick Collins

Josh Wilson

Lamarr Woodley

Kirk Morrison

Some Key players on the bench are Jay Cutler, Chris Johnson, Tedd Ginn Jr. and Ricky Williams. I am strongly considering starting Cutler, especially if weather becomes an issue when Cassel plays Arizona. I am also considering putting Johnson (v. Pit) in over Dunn, though I probably won't. Williams and Ginn are going against KC.

What do you think?

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NFL.com league: Brees and Thomas may win you that one on their own. Nice lineup.

Yahoo: That is alot of freakin starters! Looks like an eight team league if you're sporting a 22 man roster with those names stuck on your bench. Still, props for a great season and I'm personally rolling with CJ vs. Pitt but my options are no where near as nice as yours. Dunn should kick in more receiving yards so he's probably safe.

I like the KC matchup but Ginn-Williams is feast or famine; I'd stay with what you have.

I'm in my league's title game also and a win would put me as the only 3-time champ :fingers crossed:

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It is actually a 12 team league full of "geniuses" that derided me when I drafted Steve Smith with his two game suspension in front of him (like there weren't 14 other games to play). Before they realized what they were actually facing, they were telling me that I didn't have a good draft, despite my picking up Smith, Colston, The Burner, J-Stew, Dallas Clark and Peyton Manning. I made a lot of moves picking up Forte, Johnson and especially Slaton, and by week 7 my competitors became strangely quiet. Now they realize that all they can do is pretty much hope that I have an uncharacteristic, bad game.

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