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Im freaking bored

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Me too!

My husband has been out of town for days. I've been stuck at home fulfilling the mommy role all week and I'm ready to get out and have some fun but that's not happening tonight, now.

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Here's my contribution:

Stranger: hi

You: what is up

Stranger: nm, u ?

You: cleanin ma ears

You: they dirtay

Stranger: ok ..

You: gotta have clean ears ya know

You: its vital

Stranger: ok ..

You: say something interesting

Stranger: why ?

You: cause you are boring me right now

Stranger: u r boring me ..

Stranger: u can say something interesting ..

You: i got a ball of cheese delivered to my office today

You: that was interesting

Stranger: ok ..

You: what, you got something against cheese

Stranger: no ..

You: fugin hell. choose between a period or an elypses. two dots ain't poo in the world of punctuation.

Stranger: ....

You: do you have anything to contribute to this conversation?

Stranger: no .. do u ?

You: there you go with the two dots again. and yes, i have all kinds of nuggets to share. what else do you want to know?

Stranger: something thats not about food

You: i have strangely large thumbs. they are more like pads actually, rather unifrom in radius from the knuckle.

Stranger: ok .. thats nice 2 know

You: if i gave you a friend chicken breast and leg right now, what two sides would you want?

Stranger: whaat ?

You: if i gave you some fried chicken right now, what two side items would you want to eat with it?

You: simple fuging question

You: answer it

Stranger: u like talking about food ..

You: fug me do you have a speck of imagination

Stranger: no ..

You: well that settles that. good luck with life, friend.

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