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So who's #4?

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Ole Miss and Cal go down

Penn St. has looked like crap since their opening play on offense, even if they do come back

LSU was an inch from defeat

do you really trust Boise @ 4?

should we just get on the Cincinnati bandwagon now?

IMO, VT should take the quantum leap

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quick name the teams currently in the top 15 that have played and won atleast 2 games against currently ranked teams.

2 teams started with atleast 3 games against ranked opponents. 1 just beat the other, and lost to a top 3 team.

vt showed the potential again tonight to be a top 5 team. the OC finally got it right, and the defense got back to fundamentals with an agressive game plan (thank god for bud foster). i dont think vt is in the same class as florida, bama (never know on a rematch, vt did lead into the 4th in that one), texas or even OU. they have never shown the consistant offense at anytime to be considered #4. maybe by the end of the year they get it, but looking at the season as a whole, nope.

what is gona be nuts is the SEC likely has the best 2 teams in the land, and only 1 will play for the NC.

another team that needs to be in the picture is still the university of spoiled children. USC has the raw tallent to be back to a top 5 team by seasons end. lsu is in that conversation too.

i say OU gets the nod at #4 this week (even though they have beatn no one, and their loss looks alot worse right now than VTs). they get bradford, with that DL, they should be the #4 on potential, and honestly the season is young enough its still a poll based on potential more than who you have played. VT is still way to inconsistant to be there, heck i still think miami has a great shot at representing the ACC in the BCS by years end, they have gotten the harder parts of the ACC schedual out of the way. 1 or 2 slips by vt, and they are right back in the drivers seat. VT still has a schedual with pesky teams or atleast teams that have played VT close in the past.

also by giving it to OU, makes the game in miami all the more intresting for the media to hype up, how OU can get back in the NC hunt for good and as long as they take care of buisness they goto the NC game. plus the history at OU will get them votes, thats the way the poles work anyway.

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