As if there was any doubt to TD's love for the Panthers

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8 hours ago, TN05 said:

Jason Avant was cut because he said something stupid and he was terrible. We were a substantially better team after we cut him (4-1) than before we cut him (3-7-1) and he hasn't done anything of note since.

Jason Avant is the man. 

Jason Avant, he's got great hands!

plus he's a good person. 

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10 hours ago, Fox007 said:

It seems interesting to me that almost anyone who leaves recently have some poo to say when they leave.

Right, wrong, or indifferent  you have to take note of that.

Are these guys really so shut down and pigeon holed into quietness that they can't ever say what they really want while they are here or is this just normal...I don't care nor do I follow prior player postings or rumblings on their former team unless they came here from somewhere else.

Sour Grapes.   I don't take too much from those that leave.  Do we honestly believe we go 15-1 with a divided locker room?  Everybody was all in and to say different is a lie.

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