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2016 losses recap.(Shula haters you have some explaining to do)

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Can someone show me play's either in the form of gif's or highlights where Shula cost us games last year with his play calling? I'll go first and present the case he is taking way too much heat and has become the Huddle's favorite scapegoat and frankly its unjustified. We lost 10 games last year. 6 of which were by a field goal or less and the blame extends far beyond Shula on those, to the point where he's the least of our problems. So without further ado, lets take a trip down memory lane.

Week 1 at Denver- While Cam experienced bounty gate 2.0 and we were still in position to win the game 23-20 if Gano did not miss a field goal.  After the game the biggest complaints were the ref's for fuging cam over and Gano for fuging everyone over.

Week 3 vs Minnesota. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000709138/Vikings-vs-Panthers-highlights We jumped out 10-0 early. The momentum changed when Cam took a sack/safety in the end zone that was unnecessary. He held the ball way too long looking for the deep pass. Pause at 45 seconds and you'll see Dickson was his outlet/safety valve and had enough room to either make it 3rd and short or possibly a 1st down. Next big play was a punt return for a TD by the Vikings. Score  is now 10-8 Panthers. Next drive, Panthers are driving and if Newton under throws ginn for what would have been a TD, instead Vikings take over on their own 4 yard line. Nail in the coffin is our final offensive drive. O-line fails miserably in picking up Blitz and Cam is sacked almost immediately, except he doesn't get sacked and throws up a dumbass interception out of pure frustration/desperation. 

Week 4 at Atlanta we put 33 points. Defense gave up 48. No need to cover that nightmare any further. 

Week 5 vs Bucs.http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000719110/Buccaneers-vs-Panthers-highlights First thing that went wrong was Teddy Williams bumping into Ginn to drop in the punt return and play results in a turnover. Next turnover comes at 1:40 mark. Anderson forces pass to Benjamin and ball gets tipped resulting in an interception. Better option was Tedd Ginn who was open or since there was no pressure in the pocket yet, let the play continue to develop further. At 2:56 minute mark, you'll see Gano miss another field goal. 4:58 we are driving again in Bucs territory. Anderson scrambles for first down and then fumbles the ball for a turnover.

5:42 Anderson fugs up again. We drove all the way to the 2 yard line and Anderson makes a boneheaded pick thrown into double coverage in the end zone on a pass intended for Olsen. This was the time to hit Benjamin who had the positioning to catch the TD on a crossing route.  Maybe the pressure caused him to not look that way, however Tolbert was   in his line of sight and open as well.  The video won't show it but apparently out last drive and final chance to win stalled on  3rd and 2 with a run by Cap stuffed for a loss. So sure Pin that on Shula if you'd like since I have no video evidence to make a decision one way or the other. However tough to blame the OC when 4 turnovers occurred and all were clearly the fault of the players.

Week 6 @ New Orleans. Final score 41-38 New Orleans. Looking at the boxscore we had 11 drives. 6 ended in scores and 5 in punts. 4 of which we pinned N.O inside the 20.

Week 10 vs the Chiefs. We jump out to a 17- 0 lead early. Chiefs were 7-2 coming into this game btw. 17-3 at the half. Chiefs get ball first in 2nd half. We stop them. Offense goes on a clock killing 10+ minute drive. We drive all the way to the Chiefs 20 yard line. Berry pushes cam out of bounds for a 1 yard loss. 2nd and 11 now. Dee ford blows past Daryl Willams for a sack. Heres the play: http://www.chiefs.com/media-center/videos/Dee-Ford-sacks-former-Auburn-teammate-Cam-Newton/91ff069b-b27a-429a-a60f-befc5e02fe66

Now its 3rd down. Trai Turner takes his turn getting punished and this sack knocks out of field goal range.

Heres the play:http://www.chiefs.com/media-center/videos/Chris-Jones-sacks-Cam-Newton-followed-by-a-dab/adf076fd-5ca5-473b-815e-b24edba9129a

So here we are up 17-3, in the redzone again at the end of the third after a great time killing drive to almost seal the game. The o-line fails miserably here and now we are out of FG range. Chiefs drive and score a field goal. Game is now 17-6. We are back on offense and its 3rd and 6. Chiefs send a blitz up the middle, rattles Cam, he panics and throws up a lazy pick to Berry intended for Benjamin. Berry of course runs is back 40 yards for a pick 6. Now its 17-10.  We get ball back, drive stalls after a few plays. Chiefs get ball back and score a field goal.

Nail in coffin moment. Game looks poised for over time or us winning on a last second field goal. Cam completes a 14 a yard pass to Benjamin, who has it stripped. Chiefs ultimately kick game winning field goal.

Week 12- We lose 35-32 to the raiders. Not going in depth on this one since we put up 32 points and were in position to at least send the game to overtime. I'll just leave this quote from ESPN'S game recap here. 


Cam Newton led the Panthers (4-7) into Oakland territory on the final drive but Greg Olsen dropped a pass on third down that would have put Carolina in field goal range and Khalil Mack stripped Newton on a fourth-down sack to seal the win.

Week 13 we lose 40-9. I'm not reliving that nightmare so blame Shula for this one if you'd like.

Week 16 we lost 33-16 to the Falcons. Same as above,as I am getting tired of this exercise. But if someone wants to debunk me on the other games and challenge me on this one, I'll find time.

Week 17 we lost to Bucs by 1 point. Had a chance to win at the end, but Olsen dropped the winning 2 point conversion.



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2 minutes ago, panther4life said:

Can someone show me play's either in the form of gif's or highlights where Shula cost us games

Every game we lost.  Don't have to show a gift or hilight.  It's obvious.

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lol @ this thread. If you have to ask, you're just simply not paying attention or ignoring the obvious and no amount of discussion on the topic will do any good.

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I've always argued that Blaming Shula is the laziest excuse I have ever seen panther fans make. First 4 responses only strengthen my stance on that. I'm open for debate on the matter, I presented my case in favor of him,someone please show me how I am wrong. 


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forgot which game it was but cam was lighting it on fire passing down the field, we get inside the 20 and we run a draw 3 straight plays and go no where and miss the FG on top of that.

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It's not about what the final score is, it's about how you get to the final score people have complaints about. Throwing the ball on MNF with your backup QB inside the 2? Yea... maybe not such a great idea. How about throwing on the first play of MNF when you've benched your MVP QB? Yea... maybe not such a great idea.

Not saying the players don't deserve their fair share of the blame but with known deficiencies in your roster sometimes you ask yourself why the coaches don't see what is blatantly obvious to the defense.

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4 minutes ago, NJPanthers12 said:

Week 5 bucs first and goal at the 1 he throws the ball.  Shula is a moron.

  • st and 10 at TB 20

    (0:09 - 2nd) (Shotgun) PENALTY on CAR-M.Remmers, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at TB 20 - No Play.


    (0:10 - 2nd) Timeout #3 by TB at 00:10.

  • 1st and 15 at TB 25

    (0:10 - 2nd) (Shotgun) D.Anderson pass incomplete deep middle to G.Olsen (K.Alexander).

  • 2nd and 15 at TB 25

    (0:05 - 2nd) G.Gano 43 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Left, Center-J.Jansen, Holder-A.Lee.

I'll chalk this one up to bad memory by you.

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