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Draft Analyst Ethan Young: S Jamal Adams Not Worth Even A First Rounder?

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The Jamal Adams hype train has been real lately. Everyone would argue he'd immediately impact our defense in a tremendous way, and shore up anyone's secondary once he lands right in it. Everyone believes he's one of the safest picks this draft.

But is he truly a finished, ready All-Pro right out of the gate?

Ethan Young does not believe so.

For context, Ethan Young is a draftnik who likes to utilize many statistical elements of the game and film when considering his analysis of people. He successfully predicted James Bradberry to be a beast in the NFL, and heralded him as one of the best corners from the draft BEFORE the Panthers even drafted him. He utilizes film, SPARQ, athleticism, brains, and stats when considering all his decisions.

However, Ethan does not believe Jamal Adams is even worth a first rounder, let alone a top 5 pick. He believes Adams needs to be more finished to even be considered that high, and highlights a couple of deficiencies he notices in Jamal Adams game. Here's his comments:

Dissecting him pretty hard. When they talk of Jamal Adams angles, I hate to say but I agree. I've seen him on a couple of occasions miss when he should've hit, but I assumed it'd be something shored up during Training Camp and such.

He argues these three safeties are in front of Adams:

Well, what do you think? Is the guy who predicted Bradberry to be a stud right about Adams not even being worth a first rounder?


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I never understood what made everyone on here fall in love with him so much. Yeah he has some highlight films but a ton of film on him looking like poo. There is at least 10 guys I would take before him

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Thanks for sharing.  But I take it with a grain of salt.  Others think he's the safest pick in the draft.  John Chavis coached both he and Eric Berry and compared them as equals.

I doubt he's a Panther for a variety of reasons, but he'd be an asset on any team.

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3 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I like Adams, but it blows my mind that half the Huddle would seemingly take him over Fournette.


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