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How would you feel if we took a kicker in round 6 or 7?

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What's the chance of a 6th round pick really becoming a quality starter? 10% maybe?

What's the chance of a kicker drafted in the 6th round of becoming a quality starter?  probably more than 10%?

Total 4 year cap cost of a 6th round pick, around $2.5m.


One year cap cost of Gano, $4m.


Last year you could have drafted the 2nd kicker in the 6th round or the 20-27th WR.




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I go back and forth with Gano. Just from my eye test he seems to be above average overall but below upper echelon. 

If he would make a few more of those pressure kicks I don't think many people would have much heartburn with him. 

I don't follow kickers much but a good question would be, do kickers normally get better? Not sure.

I don't think a draft pick is quite worth it this year. I'd like to see Gano get one more year to prove where he's at and either stick by him or move along. 

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