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Remakes, remakes...everywhere

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Coming soon (maybe) to a theater near you, new versions of,,,

10 (wonder who get's Bo Derek's dreads)

Alice Sweet Alice

All of Me

An American Werewolf in London (mistake; the original was great)

Angel Heart

Army of Darkness


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (love the original, but no)

Back to School

Barbarella (with Rose McGowan; ugh)

The Blob (again)

The Birds (never remake Hitchcock; you'll look awful by comparison)

Bride of Frankenstein (how do you do this without doing "Frankenstein" first?)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Casablanca (made by, and starring, Madonna)

Conan the Barbarian (who's the Ahnuld this time?)

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Child's Play (I'm not kidding)

Children of the Corn (twice, Sci-Fi channel showed theirs already and it honestly wasn't bad)

Clash of the Titans (with the guy from Terminator: Salvation as Perseus and Alexa Davalos as Andromeda)

Clue (apparently somebody doesn't have one)

Day of the Triffids (giant killer flowers; yes, I'm serious)

Death Wish (who's the new Bronson?)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (I like this idea; that TV movie scared the crap out of me as a kid)

Dune (just can't fit it in a two hour movie)

Escape from New York

Footloose (with Julianne Hough; they tried to get Zac Efron of "High School Musical" for the lead but failed)

Fright Night

The Gate (why?)

Heavy Metal


Highlander (I guess there can't be only one)

I Spit On Your Grave

IT (as a movie, not a miniseries)

It's Alive (never saw the whole movie; commercial gave me the willies as a kid)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (again; apparently by the Wachowski brothers)

Little Shop of Horrors (not whores, horrors)

Logan's Run (I admit I'm interested)


Monster Squad

Motel Hell

Near Dark (oh, come on)

Nightmare on Elm Street (Jackie Earle Haley of "Watchmen" is the new Freddy)

Night of the Demons (Linda Blair movies not called "The Exorcist" were generally awful, including Exorcist II)

Plan 9 from OUter Space (they're doing it seriously, not as a spoof)

Predator (reboot, not a sequel)


Poltergeist (they're heeeeeeere...again)

Porkys (apparently this is Howard Stern's idea)


Red Dawn

Red Sonja (why was the first one made?)


Romancing the Stone

Rosemary's Baby

Scanners (another idea I might actually like)

Scream (reboot, trying for a lot of the same cast; seriously, why?)

Short Circuit (Something commercial has happened...Number Five is recycled)

Silent Night, Deadly Night (killer Santa Claus)

Suspiria (brutal opening to this one; another commercial that scared me)

Swamp Thing

The Brood

The Dirty Dozen (might work)

The Evil Dead

The Illustrated Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man (as an Eddie Murphy comedy)

The Jetsons (live action)

The Karate Kid (with Jackie Chan as Miyagi and Will Smith's kid as Daniel)

The Last Dragon (Samuel L Jackson as Sho' Nuff; this I wanna see)

The Last Starfighter

The People Under the Stairs

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (no really, I'm not kidding)

The Shadow (I liked the first one, honestly)

The Stepfather (already being advertised)

The Swarm

The Thing (I'm interested)

The Warriors

They Live (who could play the Roddy Piper role?)

Terror Train (minus David Copperfield this time?)

Total Recall (once again, let me state, I am not kidding)


Westworld ("The Terminator" borrowed a lot from the original)

When Worlds Collide (already done, twice; "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact")

The Wolfman (with Benicio Del Toro; this one might actually be good)

Word also that TV shows "ChiPs" "Dallas", "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch" (with Jessica Simpson leading the red swimsuit brigade) will all get big screen treatments. And sequels are planned for "I Robot", "I Am Legend", "Cars", "Jeepers Creepers" and - get ready for it - "Beverly Hills Cop".

So, anyone wanna try to say that Hollywood hasn't run out of ideas?

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Absolutely criminal:

An American Werewolf in London

Conan the Barbarian



The Last Starfighter

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm interested:

Angel Heart

Death Wish

Logan's Run

The Thing

The thought makes me nauseous:





Romancing the Stone

The Jetsons

The Karate Kid

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I don't see how they can possibly remake the alley fight scene from "They Live", and the brilliance of Piper's ad-libbed "bubble gum" line wouldn't be as good in a rehash.

And the Wachowskis remaking "Body Snatchers"? That just sounds bad.

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The Wachowskis are one trick ponies. Both the second and third movie in the Matrix trilogy were complete trash and what they did with Speed Racer should have gotten their directing rights permanently revoked.

Thought about putting They Live in the criminal list because it is nearly perfection as it is, but decided that it might have promise as long as they take it in a different direction. The lead cant be that 80s action hero dropping one liners and effortlessly kicking ass. If he says the bubble gum line or any derivation of it Ill go to Hollywood myself to kick the screenwriter & director in their balls.

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They Live


Total Recall


Classics from the 80's, Movie Studios today are all pussies they will never be able to duplicate the gritty violent & dark nature of those movies, Verhoven's Robocop and Total Recall are dark works of art that cannont be duplicated with modern CGI which will be grossly over used.

Remakes consist of "Teen Friendly" actors/actresses, over-used CGI, and family friendly & what i mean by that is take the bad news bears remake the orignial had them drinking beer in the back seat of the car and in the remake it was Pepsi...... Uchhhhhk :ack2::ack2::ack2:

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They should not touch Rosemary's Baby either. Brilliant flick, won't be improved with corn CGI

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As far as old TV shows, you left out Paladin, which will star Eminem.



Casablanca - Wouldn't care, except... Madonna?

Total Recall

Robocop - No Verhoeven remakes, ever

Suspiria - A horror classic. One of the most beautifully gory movies ever made


Invasion of the Body Snatchers - The Cohens are the only brothers in Hollywood who should direct



The Karate Kid

Clash of the Titans - Sam Worthington is the man



Remaking Evil Dead and Army of Darkness at the same time?

Silent Night, Deadly Night


Plan 9


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I think its a prequel to I am Legend..the guy died in the first

But a lot of these movies the currnet generation of movie goers..have never seen.and the ones they have seen they think it sucks because the looks is very 80s..

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I think its a prequel to I am Legend..the guy died in the first

But a lot of these movies the currnet generation of movie goers..have never seen.and the ones they have seen they think it sucks because the looks is very 80s..

I don't get it. How do you have a prequel when the whole story of how it began took place within the movie? :confused:

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    • I had always assumed she was dardaroarroar
    • elton simpson was monitored over a 9 year period (fbi claims there were breaks but at the least there were still years of monitoring) and at least $132,000 in cash was spent on one informant alone. here's the fbi's version in the immediate aftermath of the shooting:   Three hours before gunmen attacked an anti-Prophet Muhammad event in Garland, Texas on Sunday, the FBI sent a bulletin to local police with a photo of one of the shooters, Elton Simpson, noting that he was "interested in the event," FBI director James Comey said. At the time, the FBI had no reason to believe that Simpson intended to attack the event, Comey told reporters Thursday. Nor did the agency know that Simpson was already on his way there. Comey also said that he does not believe that the police officer who shot Simpson and the second gunman, Soofi Nadir, was aware of the bulletin. He went on to say that while the investigation of the Phoenix gunmen is far from complete, Comey believes the FBI acted appropriately. ..... Two weeks before the Garland event, which invited artists to draw illustrations of Muhammad, the FBI and Homeland Security warned law enforcement agencies across the country that it was at risk of being targeted by Islamic extremists. The advisory noted that supporters of ISIS and other terror groups had posted links to the contest on Twitter. Simpson was reading those posts, and communicated with an American in Somalia who'd called for attacking the event, investigators have said. The FBI then developed information that Simpson might be interested in traveling to Garland, Comey said. The Sunday bulletin followed. ..... The FBI now has hundreds of investigations of potential home grown extremists under way, with cases open in every state. "I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there," Comey said. Finding them, however, is a "very hard task," he said. Investigators can follow messages that are posted on public twitter accounts. But ISIS recruiters are steering people off Twitter into encrypted forums, which the government cannot see, Comey said. "Its the old going-dark problem, in living color," said Comey. He added: "We have hundreds working on it around the clock. But in almost every case of violence, someone saw something. A friend, a family member. Its more important than ever for people to speak up."     ^^^just a reminder for the bolded parts that a federal agent was in the car directly behind them as they opened their doors and began their short lived attack
    • Looks like it has potential. BvS was terrible. I will say the extended version was a better film but still not good. Suicide Squad was one of the worst films I've seen in a while.  That said of course I will waste my money and go see this. I hope they bring back Batman's more cunning qualities in future films. I got the sense that in BvS he was a what you see is what you get type of guy. You don't get the feeling that he has something up his sleeve at all times. Which was something Nolan/Bale had, almost Bond-esque.