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Quite Possibly The Coolest Video Ever.

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    • The subject was Assange? Hmm, I wonder how I ever got sidetracked talking about WikiLeaks?
    • That would be nice depending on what your view of the middle is. Today's center is to the right of where it was when Reagan was president and he was considered far right for his time. Many of Clinton and Obamas views more closely align with Reagan or GWB than they do with Johnson, Kennedy or Carter. Eisenhower would likely be considered a socialist by today's GOP standards. Other than a handful of progressives there are few politicians who represent views of FDR these days.   FDR, the only president elected to 4 terms as POTUS and a man who saved our nation from a total economic meltdown, epitomized traditional democratic values for decades after his death.  His views were not perceived as radical to the majority of Americans of that time.