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Odds are really against us to win this game..

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It will be a tough game, no doubt.

...but, '...big time players, make big time plays, in big games'.

We have a few big time players: Steve Smith, D-Will, Muhammed, J-Stew, a decent O-line, a great blocking fullback in old man Hoover, and an unafraid, and maybe sometimes he should be, Jake Delhomme; Defense, J-Pep, Jon Beason Thomas Davis, Chris GAmble.

We have big time players. If they want the Superbowl, and they want their asses to stay in the warmth of Charlotte vs. NYC in mid-January, they will show up, and win this game.

I believe they will.

If they don't, they are still lin the playoffs.

Its a Win-Win now.

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