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GB Hires Vick Thread

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Dude he does look exactly like vick.

The photo is doctored.

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    • You do realize no one wanted RyanCare/ObamaCare Lite to pass, right? If anything, the media and democrats has made themselves absolute fools lately. STILL no evidence Trump colluded with Russia whatsoever, which is quite the funny irony in this whole conspiracy. Trump inherited a mess. Hard to fix this mess when you got crybaby globalists and dems everywhere.    
    • I hate this DG analogy so much.  It only makes sense in the context of an efficient market where teams are rational, have perfect information, and scouts are always right about players.  But we have ample evidence that is not the case.  Sometimes, talented players just don't work out.  Injuries derail careers.  Teams make oddball picks.  Sometimes, you are just wrong about a player (see Ealy, Kony). I like him a lot, but DG's habit of always trading up / never trading down may ultimately be his downfall in CAR.  It results in a lack of depth across the roster and it makes your roster very vulnerable to i) injuries (see 2015 vs. 2016) and ii) missing on evals.  If we missed on Funchess (jury still out), that hurts - but missing on Funchess when you traded multiple picks to get him compounds the issue. Trading up and trading down are both valid strategies - but I'd suggest balancing the two strategies would improve your chances of long-term success.
    • He is worth #8 pick. I'd like to see him next to Newton on the field.