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Aaand Trump is at it again.. Calls the removal of confederate statues "foolish"

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Matthias    1,225
On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 1:57 PM, crushcard1976 said:

Racism will never go away all because you take a statue down that's part of history. There were also white Irish slaves, I'm sure indians we're slaves. If we took everything down that was a bad part of history we have nothing left of America. Buildings, streets Librarys were name after bad things in history and few we're named after Racist like Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger George Wallace. Clinton even protected the Confederate flag as Goveernot of Arkansas in 1987

Wrong.  Irish people were never slaves in this country.

If we're talking about history, I wouldn't have a problem with the statues if they came with engravings stating the evil they fought for.  For instance, under a Christopher Columbus statue should be the engraving, "The Demon of the West".  Something like that.

Also, if we're talking about history, where are the statues and monuments dedicated to the slaves who built massive amounts of wealth for the Western powers, which includes the US?  Where are the lynching memorials?  So much for history right?  This is why you still have a lot of racists running around this country who are in their 20s and below.  They are ignorant of history.  They know more about the "Glorious" Robert E. Lee than they do about the valiant men and women who worked for nothing.


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