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Destiny 2

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So Bungie released the 2nd expansion, Warmind this week (Tuesday).

So the basic story is that we're flying around the solar system when we get a distress call from Mars....and we need to go there and shoot a bunch of stuff and kill dudes.  No major departures from the main Destiny format.

I've played through part of the campaign (still need to level up more), but I've read about it, and talked to my clanmates about it.  It's a good story idea, but it's executed too quickly, too rushed.  But the core game play remains.

Season 3 brought some major changes to how exotics work, and they are pretty dope.  The Gravaton Lance is amazing.  It creates mini-nova bombs on headshot kills.... Yeah, it's REALLY fun!  There are lots of other changes as well.

Escalation Protocol is the new endgame event (outside of the new raid lair releasing today).  Waves get harder and harder, but the loot gets MUCH better, and it's going to be another way to get yourself up to 385 light (cap).  Right now, it's UBER hard because most people are running around 345-353 light.  In a CON to some, the grind to get max light is MUCH harder.  The only way to get light level improvements is to do your powerful engram milestones, nightfalls, and raids.  Not sure on Trials yet.  So for a filthy casual like me, it could take me until September just doing my strikes, public events, and crucible milestones to get to 385...  I may have to actually play more (summer goals!)....

There's a ton of new loot, but it's kind of similar to the old loot (boo), but the weapons from Escalation Protocol are pretty cool.  Sleeper Stimulant is back (I'll be going for that), and there is an exotic sword (which I am working on right now, not hard to get).

It's an improvement, and the folks at Vicarious Visions (who made it with Bungie) did a really good job on making an OK piece of DLC that shows a lot of lessons have been learned.  September is going to be the real showcase of all the community feedback.

My criticism is what happened to all of our feedback from D1?  Where were those lessons?  But, it's still a fun game, and I like my clanmates.  Color me a glutton for punishment, I guess =P

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So bunige just released their livestream for the September Expansion (Called Forsaken).  You can find the vidoc and other items here (https://www.destinythegame.com/)

Here's my thoughts:

1.  First impression - super f'ing pumped!  This looks like it's going to be amazing in that this is a VERY different feel for Destiny.  The art, is as always, incredible.  There are SO MANY CHANGES, I can't even list them.  Weapon systems are going bananas.  One of the Devs laughed as he talked about breaking the game.  It looks like it will be fun!   The whole reef environment looks incredible, and the raid location is so beautiful.

2. Gambit - the new playmode is a hybrid PVE/PVP.  You and your team of four will kill enemies and gather motes which you can use to either mess up the other team OR summon a tough boss.  Oh and one player can go to the other team and try to wreckface.  So this looks like a TON of fun.  I can't wait to try it out.

3.  The "cost" factor:  $40 for the expansion, AND then $30 for an annual pass.  I'm still a little foggy what the actual updates are.  Are they like the "expansions" we have where there are a few missions, some maps and quests?  I'm looking forward to seeing what details emerge over the next week and at E3.  Some people are like "$70 for an expansion, what's wrong with the $60 game???"  They can do that.  I used to sub to a MMO or four in my days so I know how that works.  I'm fine with it.  Some won't want to pay, and that's fine with me.

In summary, this looks to be a BIG TIME departure from regular D2.  I can't wait to see what happens, what will be revealed, and I HOPE there is some kind of summer BETA for Gambit.  Or else I'm just going to be SOL next fall...

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On 6/5/2018 at 4:33 PM, fieryprophet said:

I will check it out but Rocket League is still my bae.

I know a lot of people are going to wait and see what's going on with D2.  The hype train leading up to release was so big, and the game so promising, lots of people have written them off as kind of a tease.

I'm really looking forward to it, and I still enjoy playing.  But I'm also really enjoying Monster Hunter World (whenever I can get it away from my son.  He loves hunting dinosaurs.).

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