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FINALLY...  Beat the raid on Saturday!  So pumped.  I had 153 tokens to turn in to the Vendor as well.  I have every Raid Weapon and a couple armor pieces.

Doing this raid blind was so satisfying.  That is all.

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Well, color me excited for this!   I know many will want a new raid (I still need to make time to play the raid, period), so the new "raid activities" will be interesting to see what that becomes.

My main excitement is for the regular player - new places, new gear, new (and old) enemies to kill.

I doubt they will have all the investment stuff worked out, but for at least a short bit, this should be a fun diversion!  I've really enjoyed the writing thus far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the story items unfold.  

Anyone playing on PC?  Thoughts?  

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