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The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

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8 minutes ago, Dr. Quest said:

Senate committee has rested,  no Trump or Russian collusion,  ties, etc...it's over, it's been ruled already. ..get over it..lol...Trump will use this false fiasco in his next campaign. .thanks libs!!

well that definitely didn't happen lol


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19 minutes ago, Dr. Quest said:

Left Anti Trump fake media doesn't count...lol...you are a sheep that believes everything the media tells you to believe?   Oh my God!!...I feel sorry for you...what happened to the Kaepernick argument?   You already lost that one huh?  Lol

i notice you're not providing any links

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Just now, Dr. Quest said:

Neither are you, at least credible ones...your link is fake news..you believe whatever they tell you to believe. ...sheep.being told what to believe. ..I feel sorry for you. ..

so why don't you provide us a credible link? i don't know where to find real news, please help

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1 minute ago, Dr. Quest said:

You don't know where to find real news?  Guess all your comments are based on opinions and assumptions. ...got it...I respect every opinion you have ever posted...thanks man!

so you won't help? that's mean. i'd really like to see the story on a credible site. why won't you help?

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No not like that, obviously they're up to their neck in this poo. Just the "IMPENDING ARRESTS, THE HOUSE OF CARDS WILL FALL... SOON!™" crap

Trump's entire family could be literally charged with collusion and he'll pardon every single one of them. He can weasel out of this easily since he can always claim he never knew about it, and direct concrete evidence will probably never be found. There's no reason to get hyped for what will ultimately lead to like a 10 point drop in his approval and Trump finishing out his term doing the same stupid poo he's been doing the last 9 months.


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