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Shula unrest

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6 hours ago, Chimera said:

In other words, you want a pendantic argument. No. You're not getting it.

Other teams strategies: Put pressure from the edges on Cam. Anyone who should be a quick outlet will be used in max pro. Then you will have 4 defensive players covering 3 offensive players deep down field, and only Olsen needed to be doubled, if he's not in protection. 

You want to argue terminology? Go argue it somewhere else. This thread is about how every team knows to beat us by following the preceding paragraph. 

How many times has this strategy been used against us?

How many times have we tried to make that strategy not work against us?

No I don't want a pedantic argument, I want an informed thought out argument which demonstrates you actually know what you are talking about and have an opinion based on knowing what you are looking at. This is supposed to be a football forum where folks talk about football. Instead it has turned into a juvenile bitch session by casual fans who have no clue what they are talking about and just parrot the usual 3 or 4 complaints about our team or coaches and can't back up a single complaint. It doesn't mean that there aren't issues or concerns simply the simplistic logic is annoying. I have sat back for years and simply ignored all the ignorant uninformed comments but not anymore. Put up or shut up. 

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10 hours ago, panthers55 said:

   Put up or shut up. 

Oh God. The huddle collectively believes it's own bullshit a little too much.

Since you mentioned the wide 9, I'm going to scale it back to simply the C gaps. It's so bad that defenses really don't need to go out that wide. Opposing DCs know it will simply become a numbers game and will win that match up every time.

We don't make defenses regret dedicating too many guys to the pass rush; we reward them.

Every additional offensive player in pass protection is one fewer potential quick outlet. It is one fewer person to spread the defense out. It is an additional pass rushers since it is one additional defensive player not in coverage.

Ever wonder why the placeholder sets up exactly 7 years behind the long snapper? At six yards, he's at risk of being blocked by the line. At 8 yards, he's at risk of being tackled by the rusher.

So, tell me, why our offense calls for Cam to be 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage on pass plays? This is directly in an edge rusher's path. At least make them work for a sack. fug. Cam gets the snap from shot gun, takes a 5-7 step drop, and gets sacked for a loss of 10.

Where are the shorter drops? Where are the drag routes? I mean, if a DC is worried about receivers catching a quick pass, he'd probably leave his linebackers back there instead of at the QB. Yay, we used a couple of slants against the Bills. Then we stopped. So did our offense.

Instead of making defenses adapt to our strengths, we line up with 2 TEs and a running back for protection. That leaves two possible receivers on a pass play. 

Sure, it's 8 guys protecting against 8 rushers, but since there's absolutely no short yardage threat, there's incentive to put 3 rushers at each C gap. Or maybe even four on one side. Or hell, even five. It's not like we'd make them regret that choice. The offense calls for Cam to step in their path anyway. Just do it all game long, get the easy win.


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