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Jeremy Igo

What Saints Fans Are Saying ...

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Our first rivalry week is here. As such, I took a gander at our wholly owned subsidiary forum Saints Report to see what they were saying. 

There actually isn't much discussion about the game this Sunday. It seems the Saints fans have already checked out and are playing the blame game on their current state of things. 

Dark days there, obviously. I almost felt sorry for them, until I came across this.... 


Forget about the last two games! We need to put Scam&Panties out of his misery Sunday!


It is nice to see not all Saints fans are cowering in the corner soiled in their own bodily fluids. 

This thread is pretty funny ... 


Which Panther will be NFC offensive player of the week?

The past two weeks the Saints defense has allows Sam Bradford and Tom Brady to earn player of the week honors. So if it's a pattern, some Panther will be embarrassing them this coming Sunday. Cam obviously has had the capability to do it in the past, but I'm not so sure this year. Who else could be in the running?

If this holds true, I am going with CMC as player of the week with 200 all purpose yards and a couple of TDs. 





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6 minutes ago, TheAmericanDream said:

Damn if only we still had Alice to chime in. 

I wonder what team he pulls for now?

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I have CMC on my fantasy team, so it would be greeeeeaaat if just went HAM on Sunday. 

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I been lurking on their board all week and its been pretty damn sad, they are ready to throw in the towel 2 weeks in to the season. 

they are going to be on suicide watch when they are 0-3 after this weekend


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