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Falcons having trouble filling Arthur's Anus

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17 hours ago, neverlosethefeeling said:

It is after warm ups. When Purrcussion is coming out of the tunnel, they're starting Panthers player intros. The Saints have already been announced at this point and are already on the field. There's maybe 15 minutes between when this photo is taken and the start of the game. 

And sadly, there are probably 7,500 people still standing in security lines outside the stadium. 

Still not the end of the first quarter like at ATL. 

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11 hours ago, SmittysLawnGuy said:

Pretty sure he nailed that one. You can see Seattle on the score board.

And you can see the time. 12:55 PM

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19 hours ago, Chimera said:

I've gotten freebies at 1 PM regular season games. Not sure if a towel is one of them. And btw, that video WAS a 1 PM game. Find me another video of the fans from the field, where you have an unobstructed view of the entirety of the stadium.

We don't have a fanbase problem, we have an entrance/security problem. You're SUPPOSED to be out tailgating before the game. You're not supposed to need an hour to get through the security line. 

I've only heard about the sit down thing on the huddle - never in the stadium. That is, unless you're one of those dolts who cheer when we're on offense.

Totally agree about security. It's a real problem and has only gotten worse. This is definitely part of the reason it takes us longer to fill up.  

I didn't believe the sit down thing until it happened to me... during the first round playoff game against the Cardinals no less. Dude called security on my cousin and I and everything. We weren't drunk or disruptive and security could see that, they also said verbatim "We aren't going to tell you to sit down. You aren't doing anything wrong." To their credit, they understood that it was a playoff game and literally the entire stadium was standing for the whole thing except for the guy seated right behind us. To be fair, that's the only time it's happened to me, but because of that I am inclined to believe the stories of others when they're told. This also happened in the club section and I don't doubt that had something to do with it. 

Edit: I posted that story when it happened (may be in my post history if you look back far enough) but to the credit of the other Panthers fans around us, they stuck up for us and the guy who was complaining wound up leaving at halftime anyways so it was all good. 

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