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Listen: "Everything But Football," featuring Star Lotulelei

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Good podcast By Bill & KK  featuring Star and the locker room humor side

Oh yea pay that Man!!!



On their "Everything But Football" podcast, Short and co-host Bill Voth chat with Lotulelei about:

2:10 – Not being as quiet as he seems

3:24 – A barbershop visit

4:44 – A combine joke

6:10 – His off-the-field life

7:35 – Defensive line "ugly" ratings

9:38 – Why everyone picks on Charles Johnson

12:25 – Lotulelei's love of Utah

and then ... 

14:04 – Johnson chimes in and the show goes off the rails


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6 hours ago, luke nukem said:

We got Death Starr

how do they not play the "that's no moon...that's a space station" at panther games

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