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Malik Monk Highlights vs Bucks. 18 Forth Quarter points. Unreal!

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so so so happy we got monk, had monk not fallen to us- mitchell would have been a good consolation prize 

but it finally feels like we may have landed a superstar (kemba aside)

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Few Monk Impressions: 

1. He can create his shot without a pick. I was surprised how easy he can get a shot off. Even with his height he is able to get in the lane or create space with his jumper. 

2. Better PG skills than I thought. He does well with the pick and roll and can drive or pull up. He still needs to work on not passing while in the air but his PG skills are better than expected. 

3. Struggles getting through picks maybe due to strength and lack of knowledge of the players he's going against if he should go under picks or though them. Right only trying to fight through picks. 

4. Monk can score anywhere. I love his floater in the lane. 

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