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I'm the Mike

If the Panthers switched to a 3-4 Defense...This is what it would look like

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2 hours ago, *FreeFua* said:

I enjoyed the read, thanks!

The responses in this thread is why it’s better to just come on the huddle and sh!t post than to even bother trying to generate any type of conversation. 

Gee. That’s new coming from you.

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13 minutes ago, Saca312 said:

Gee. That’s new coming from you.

Shut up Saca 

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4 hours ago, I'm the Mike said:

First, before anyone gets triggered and mashes the keyboard with fingers of fury...this only a hypothetical way to explore the idea of getting more of the Panthers defensive playmakers on the field. Also, we know that in the college game we are seeing more hybrid LB/DE guys coming up and prototypical 4-3 ends are becoming more rare. If the Panthers ever did decide to switch to a 3-4 defense, the experts say its takes about 2 years to completely transition to the defense to that scheme. There are nuances to the different schemes with one-gap vs two-gap, but in theory if the Panthers wanted to have this in their playbook they could.


In the Base 3-4 we get our three best down linemen on the field with their hands in the dirt. Star plays the NT, because he is that ideal anchor in the middle already, and Butler/Short play in the 4-tech where they can still bend and affect the pass rush. Davis and Kuechly are experts in underneath zone coverage (hook curl/deep curl) and already play a lot in the A-gaps for blitz or stopping the run. Thompson stays at Sam LB to cover TE and has been really quite good coming off the edge on schemed blitz. He's not Von Miller or anything but his speed and technique are there. Daeshon Hall played OLD at Texas A&M so the idea of him coming back next year and playing more 3-4 is not crazy. He's still undersized for a pure DE and I'd be interested to see him in some basic coverage (flat zone/squat). DBs stay the same but maybe we run more Cover 2 or Cover 4.


When the opposing offense switch to their 3 WR/1TE sets we still have good coverage and only need to switch Hall for Munnerlyn. Thompson has decent coverage skills(minus his Philly tape) and Munnerlyn comes in for his slot WR. Even if they went 4 WRs in the red zone it would be manageable.


This is the package that really gets me excited. If we put Peppers in on third and long with Addison on the other and rush 5 we would overpower every Offensive Line in the league. Peppers has tons of 3-4 experience so QBs couldn't always plan on him rushing if he played a decent count dropping into a zone. Yes... you probably want Pep rushing but I've often hoped Wilkes would drop him into coverage in a fire zone blitz one of these days out of our 4-3 and he snagged one from an unsuspecting QB. Addison played as a hybrid DE/LB in college and I'm assuming he could play stand up or out in some space as an OLB.


To make it actually work we would have to draft some more talent at OLB and usually you want taller NT/Edge guys for their length, but it would be interesting to see if we ever had a Wade Phillips or Dick Labeau type DC. Thoughts?




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Just now, mjligon said:

WOnder if he still gets rep for the pie I️ give him 

Wonder if he still sees the poo I fling haha

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None of our linebackers are suited for the 3-4. We have small linebackers for a 4-3. And that's just the beginning of the issues.

I understand ya just having a fantasy,  but it would never work as well as you think. 

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