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E CaT PanTHer

We have the X, now lets get the YZ*, err me ??

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Sorry, just had to add another corny thread

X - Clinched Playoff Birth :cornut:

Y - Clinched Division Title

Z - Clinched First Round Bye

* - Clinched Homefield Advantage

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Who's having a playoff Birth? One of the Topcats?

LOL ..... oh shitttttttttttttt


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    • wait has anyone mentioned yet that we play this team twice a year? see the Buc's on there too?
    • I have tried to watch it twice and just lost interest.  Its boring, badly acted and silly.  I dunno either man.
    • Yep, I'm not a KB fan. Nor will I ever be. The guy is a lazy mofo who doesn't take his shot at the NFL seriously enough. You guys can hang on the occasional acrobatic catch but not me. I'm not satisfied with garbage time performances. Sloppy routes, crucial drops, weak attitude, etc. Meh, I'm good.  No, you are in denial. Sheppard wasn't going half speed at practice. Take it as you will. Please do. I won't be hopping on any KB bandwagon. Like I said, you guys can marvel at meaningless scores and yards but I'll give a damn when Benjamin actually shows up and makes a positive impact on a 3rd down or redzone conversion when the game is on the line. Bite me, asswipe. I don't want to celebrate anything with you.