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SZ James (banned)

Footage of police shooting of Daniel Shaver made public

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WARNING: Graphic content 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjr0Ts6yORE 12 mins in
Relevant article: https://www.theatlantic.com/politic...lice-killing-without-a-hint-of-racism/546983/
Relevant article follow-up: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/12/footage-of-a-police-killing-that-jurors-didnt-punish/547868/
NBC News article: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/daniel-shaver-shooting-ex-arizona-police-officer-not-guilty-murder-n827641

Yesterday (December 7), a jury in Maricopa County (home of the infamous Joe Arpaio) found officer Philip Brailsford not guilty of second degree murder or even of manslaughter, despite this video evidence showing the unarmed Daniel Shaver obeying the officers' commands and begging for his life when he was shot dead. 


On January 18, 2016, Daniel Shaver, a traveling pest-control worker, was in between shifts at his motel, a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, Arizona. In the elevator, he met a man and woman who’d just finished their own workdays, the two later testified in court. Did they want to join the 26-year-old Texan for Bacardi shots in his room?

They’d already begun drinking when one of the guests asked about an unmarked case in the corner. Was it musical instrument? No, a pellet gun. He used it at work. His job was to go hunt down birds that had flown into businesses including Walmart. Soon he was standing by his room’s window showing off his pellet gun to the man. Down below, two motel guests in the La Quinta Inn and Suites hot tub looked up and saw a man with a gun near a fifth-floor window. Someone called 911.


A guy who had done nothing illegal is ordered into a motel hallway. Six cops are there with their weapons drawn; he is presumably a bit drunk, which would only add to his alarm and confusion; he is clearly trying to cooperate from the start; but the cops are hostile, yelling at him for trying to ask a question, adding to his fear by shouting that he may not survive, and giving lots of complicated instructions—it isn’t enough for the six men with guns that the man is laying on the ground with his hands outstretched and his palms up. They’re ordering him to cross his legs with specific instructions for which leg goes on top; they want his eyes closed; they want fingers interlaced on his head.


“If this situation happened exactly as it did that time, I would have done the same thing," Brailsford said testifying in his Maricopa County Superior Court trial.


The detective investigating the shooting had agreed Shaver's movement was similar to reaching for a pistol, but has said it also looked as though Shaver was pulling up his loose-fitting basketball shorts that had fallen down as he was ordered to crawl.

The investigator noted he did not see anything that would have prevented officers from simply handcuffing Shaver as he was on the floor.


There are consequences to America’s unique attitude toward police killings. In 2016, at least 50 people were shot and killed by police in Arizona, a state with population of 6.9 million. Over a similar 12-month period in England, population 53 million, just six people were killed by police. (During the prior 12-month period, police shot and killed three people in England.) The total number of police killings in England since 1990 is about the same as the number of people killed by Arizona police last year alone.

The same year that Arizona police killed 50 people in population of 7 million, police in Germany, where the population is 82 million, killed about 13 people.


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1 minute ago, SZ James (banned) said:

did the jury not see the footage?


It is difficult to watch. But this is the footage that jurors reviewed in the case, and if the public wants to diminish the likelihood of shootings like this one, ordinary citizens will need to grapple with what it depicts.

The video was released because a verdict was reached by jurors in Maricopa County, Arizona, the same jurisdiction where Joe Arpaio was sheriff for 24 years. The jury found the Mesa, Arizona, police officer not guilty of second-degree murder.

“Jurors deliberated for less than six hours over two days, finishing Thursday afternoon,” the Arizona Republic reported. “The eight-member jury also found Brailsford not guilty of the lesser charge of reckless manslaughter.” Readers can now watch the video for themselves and judge whether they want to keep living in a country where police who behave in the manner shown face no criminal punishment.

they saw it and it took them only 6 hours to decide to let him walk

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I'm hearing that the cops rifle which has "YOU'RE F****D" written on it wasn't allowed to be presented as evidence. 

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