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mr beauxjangles

iPhone Users: Favorite Apps?

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All the following are free apps....

Yelp- find restaurants w/ reviews, etc

TouchToDo- to do list (syncs w/ google)

Slacker Radio


Craigsearch (free)


Espn Scorecenter

Yahoo FF 09

AOL Radio

CBS Radio

PS Mobile-Photoshop mobile

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There's a free one called "Where"....finds local info but the best thing it does is find lowest gas prices near your current location. Used it when we came down for the Iggles game. Prices are usually very current and the station we stopped at was actually a penny less per gallon than the app said (and it was the lowest priced station listed). Was great...not being very familiar with the stretch of I-81 when we got close to needing gas it showed stations off the upcoming exits and we were able to save probably 10 cents per gallon on the fillup.

I also use ESPN Sportscenter a lot....NFL Superfan (if you're a Directv/Sunday Ticket sub), Slingplayer (if you have a Slingbox), DirecTV (lets me set my DVRs to record). MLB At Bat is great too if you like baseball (pay the $10 and you can listen to the home or away feed of every game).

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