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Power Rankings Week 14 Thread, Are We Top 10 or Top 5?

What Ranking Do We Deserve?  

81 members have voted

  1. 1. About what Power Ranking Would You Give the Panthers (Out of 32 NFL Teams)?

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ESPN : #7

Yahoo : #8

NFL.com : #8

CBS Sports # 5

Sporting News : #4 

Washington Post #3

Bleeding Green Nation : #9

Chicago Tribune : #6

NInersNation : #7

Walterfootball : #7

Rankings are all over the place but all in the top 10. It seems to be consensus that we're a top 10 team, but I notice in a few of the rankings we're in the top 5? Where would you rank us?

I'd say the only thing that has me worried is our lack of any sembelance of a deep passing threat. Otherwise our secondary showed up much better at home, pass rush was good, and our run game has been on point in the 2nd half of the season and is trending up with Kalil back. And I think Olsen will get in the swing of things this week or next week and help the passing game. 

My personal list would be : 

  1. Patriots
  2. Steelers
  3. Eagles
  4. Vikings
  5. Saints
  6. Panthers
  7. Rams
  8. Jags
  9. Chargers
  10. Falcons
  11. Chargers
  12. Cheifs 
  13. Cowboys (Got Sean Lee back, get Zeke back on 12/24)
  14. Ravens 
  15. Seachickens
  16. Bills 
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Its debatable whether the Jags or Rams are better than us . I think we're a more complete team than the Jags , Rams are more explosive but our staff/players have much more playoff experience

I think we can beat any team on a good day , but would have a very tough time if we need to play the saints again at the dome. Everyone else don't scare me too much tho.

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My personal opinion is that power ranking should more closely reflect the actual head-to-head matchup results. Panthers beat several of the teams ranked ahead of it on the rankings. I’m not saying we should be number one or two but number eight seems to be a little low. My vote was number four spot. We just defeated a ten and two team

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I think around 5 or 6 is just right. 

I have us as the 3rd best NFC team, and IMO only the Steelers and possibly the Pats are better from the AFC....and the Pats is pushing it, as we beat them in their home, and dropped 40 in the Dolphins, whom the Pats just lost to. 

Solidly in the top 10 - knocking on the door of Top 5.

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11 minutes ago, over the legal limit said:

Super Bowl 52: 

Jacksonville vs Carolina

that would be cool actually. But it would be like playing the Broncos D all over again.

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#3 with just Aints and Steelers ahead of us. Aints because they’ve swept us and handled us pretty recently, and I don’t put a ton of stock in that sloppy Thursday night game. Steelers can win on O or D and are the hottest team right now. Couldn’t think of a good case for any other team being above us.

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