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Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

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Just think..whatever it is, it has to be worse than anything Jerry Jones has done in order for him to be stripped of ownership. Which would have to be huge as fug.

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38 minutes ago, Montsta said:

Given today’s climate, he probably grabbed an interns ass in 1995 while watching a game at Clemson and it’s now coming out.

How would it happening in 1995 make the situation any less worse if it's true?

If that's what you weren't trying to insinuate, then this is a pretty odd post. It would have been bad in 1995 as well, just as it is now.

A 50-60 year old man randomly grabbing the ass of a 22-23 year old intern... he'd be lucky that he wasn't eating through a straw for a few weeks if he did that to someone's daughter, even back in 1995.

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The fact that this investigation has been initiated BY THE PANTHERS on the eve of a HUGE week 15 game, with a mega audience and #1 broadcast crew, while the team is in the throes of a dogfight for the playoffs....

It suggests to me that there's something very serious. Otherwise the team surely would have done all in its power to push this to the off-season.

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Jourdan Rodrigue Retweeted Jourdan Rodrigue

The league has declined to comment on whether it will launch own investigation per @josephperson . Panthers are launching own internally, led by external firm and overseen by limited owner and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles. That needs to be kept in mind.

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24 minutes ago, UpstatePanther said:

im really not worried about that. people are too thin skinned about that kind of stuff. i like the Seth McFarlane approach: make fun of everyone and give no quarter to anyone.

eh. i was just reading an article today about how St. Louis has moved on from the NFL. they arent even worried about it. Oakland is probably about the same. San Diego is an option, but they seem more focused on futbol at the moment.

bro lol is this even a serious question. even players he didnt draft, im sure he pretty much signed their last contract. this is Gettleman's roster, with slight recent tweaks from Hurndog.

massive as in gravity? or in complaintants? just curious, because i hav?ent heard anywhere that this is a class action kind of thing. correct me if im wrong.

US, Not thin skinned.  Close family member is Asian.  It just struck s nerve .


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I hope we get sold to someone who cares about winning and doesn't want yes men in the building.

Also hopefully the new owner isn't a predator.

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