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ERNANDO BEACH, FL -- Hernando County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a South Carolina teen on a charge of throwing a deadly missile at a moving vehicle. That missile was a burrito, deputies said.

According to a police report, John Addie was driving his Honda when he noticed someone lean out of an approaching white Dodge and throw something. The next thing Addie knew his front windshield was cracked and he was covered in refried beans.

Addie followed the Dodge and called deputies. Deputy Scott Lamia wrote in his report the victim's "vehicle, which was clean and in excellent condition, had a chip in the windshield where the hard object struck it. I observed the contents of a burrito to be on John’s person and his driver’s seat.

A portion of the burrito was on the window frame, on the exterior of his vehicle. I also observed the remainder of the burrito to be at the base of the driver’s seat. It should be noted that John suffered no injury as a result of being struck by the burrito."

rest.. http://www.abcactionnews.com/mostpopular/story/Teen-turns-burrito-into-deadly-weapon-cops-say/uC64nGQYO0af_yPA9ahJIw.cspx

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I knew Taco Bell was deadly, but this brings it to a whole new level of deadliness.

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How the fug did it get inside? Musta been a Qdoba burrito, those things weigh 10 lbs.

Qdoba is heavy, but a Taco Bell burrito has the hard, dried out burrito wrap that has been sitting around for hours. I think a Taco Bell burrito wrap has more armour piercing power than a 10lb. Qdoba bomb.

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