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This entire d can go to hell

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Anyone notice Kasay's stutter step before he kicked? He f*cked up and he still only missed by wind.

I saw that and I believe it should have been a false start, backed up 5 yards, and kicked again from 55 yards out.

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yea, we gave up 301 yds to a team w/o any good WR's

I know this kid in my high school who could've stared at WR for the Gmen yesterday

and lets not forget, 301 yds rushing WITHOUT PLAXICO

just IMAGINE how many rushing yds we would've given up if he was there


you should be banned like the trolls for being the biggest f*cking idiot this board has seen since gbizzle.... no srsly.

EVERYTHING you say (no hyperbole), is sh*te... cut peppers? cut lucus, godfrey, gamble? fire fox? the entire d can go to hell? you know a kid in HS who could've "stared" for the Gmen?

kid, you've probably not been told this much because you've apparently got emotional issues, would go ballistic and soil yourself, but you're a f*cking moron. a real first class sarah palin dumbass. i've seen several of your posts now and each one is more asinine and ridiculous than the one preceding it.

go back to the saints forum where this type of idiocy is encouraged.

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