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A Guy fuged a Dolphin Once

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Brenner—who carefully distinguishes himself from someone with an interest in bestiality, emphasizing the emotional connection he seeks with non-human companions—liked the film overall, but also criticized it as a “fantasy.” Speaking specifically about the film’s sex scene, he said:

Given the course of the development of their relationship, it seems sort of natural. Although I must say, I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was. Then again, I’m not Elisa. Maybe you have to take it where you can get it…As long as, apparently, the object of your desire is a featherless biped, we’re not going to let a few gills or scales stand in the way of true romance, seems to be Hollywood’s dictum. Quadrupeds? No. Animals with flukes? No. But if it looks like a man…

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14 hours ago, Mother Grabber said:

isn’t fugged spelled with two “g”s?

fuging filters, amirite?

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