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ESPN Insider Mock Draft before the Lottery and poo

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1. Phoenix Suns
Deandre Ayton
Age: 19.8

Height: 7-foot | Weight: 243

Ayton was beginning to answer some of the questions scouts have had about him since high school with a string of dominant performances down the stretch, before finishing the college season on a poor note in an early NCAA tournament exit.

Physically, he's one of the most gifted prospects we've seen in the draft in the past few years, and he has an impressive skill level, to boot.

Phoenix, the worst defensive team in the NBA, will be right to question Ayton's impact on that end of the floor, but his sheer productivity and overall talent level makes it difficult to not slot him at the top of this class.

Starting salary: $8,095,680

2. Memphis Grizzlies
Luka Doncic
Real Madrid
Age: 19.1

Height: 6-foot-8 | Weight: 228

Doncic hit a bit of a wall after playing 18 straight months without a break. He still found a way to help Real Madrid qualify for the Euroleague final four and will attempt to reestablish his candidacy as the potential No. 1 pick in the draft with a strong showing in Belgrade later this week.

Considering its aging core and financial woes, Memphis will likely be looking to return to playoff contention as quickly as possible. Doncic would be a dream selection for the Grizzlies because he has the size, skill and versatility to fit in well alongside all their existing talent, while also possessing star potential in his own right.

Starting salary: $7,243,440

3. Dallas Mavericks
Marvin Bagley III
Age: 19.1

Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 234

With Nerlens Noel unlikely to be in Dallas' long-term plans and Dirk Nowitzki turning 40 in June, the Mavs will definitely be looking for a frontcourt player to build around.

While Bagley has some positional concerns defensively, he would have plenty of room to spread his wings on a team that is sorely looking for scoring punch and can afford to build around his strengths and weaknesses alongside promising rookie Dennis Smith Jr.

Starting salary: $6,504,600

4. Atlanta Hawks
Jaren Jackson Jr.
Michigan State
Age: 18.6

Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 240

The Hawks will be in best-player-available mode, but it helps to be able to complement their existing roster with a building block that fits with the surrounding talent.

Jackson would be the ideal big man to pair with promising rookie John Collins. The youngest projected first-rounder, Jackson might have the highest ceiling in terms of his ability to affect the game on both ends of the floor. He has enviable physical tools, including a 7-foot-4 wingspan and tremendous mobility.

Jackson's ability to space the floor (40 percent from 3 and 80 percent from the line), block shots (5.7 per 40 minutes), switch on every screen and, increasingly, put the ball on the floor from the perimeter makes him an ideal fit for the modern NBA.

Starting salary: $5,864,640

5. Orlando Magic
Mohamed Bamba
Age: 19.9

Height: 7-foot | Weight: 207

Bamba's rare combination of length, shot-blocking instincts and offensive promise gives him one of highest ceilings of any prospect in this draft.

Every team in the NBA is looking for a big man who can anchor a defense, and that includes Orlando, which struggled badly on that end of the floor this year.

Starting salary: $5,310,720

6. Chicago Bulls
Wendell Carter Jr.
Age: 19.0

Height: 6-foot-10 | Weight: 263

While small forward is a definite position of need, with Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis both entering the final year of their contracts, it also makes sense to think about drafting a big man who complements Lauri Markkanen on both ends of the floor.

Carter's feel and versatility are promising in a number of ways. He is a physically mature big man with a 263-pound frame and a 7-foot-3 wingspan, which will allow him to play the center position in the NBA with ease.

He is a polished player with excellent hands and touch around the basket and has demonstrated a nice blend of passing, shot-blocking and perimeter shooting, despite being overshadowed at times by fellow big man Marvin Bagley III at Duke.

Starting salary: $4,823,520

7. Sacramento Kings
Michael Porter Jr.
Age: 19.8

Height: 6-foot-10 | Weight: 214

The Kings showed progress this season and appear to have some strong building blocks in place, particularly in the backcourt. The strength of this draft is in the frontcourt, and the Kings will certainly look to take advantage of that depending on where they fall. Power forward is definitely a position of need, and modernizing the way they play in terms of adding more shooting and playmaking will likely be a priority.

Porter came into the season with hopes of making a run at being the No. 1 pick in the draft. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to build his case because of a back injury. Porter's size, shot-creation skill and scoring instincts will nevertheless make him a coveted prospect in June. He is a playmaker on both ends of the floor and is just starting to figure out how to put his talent to full use.

Starting salary: $4,403,280

8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets)
Trae Young
Age: 19.6

Height: 6-foot-2 | Weight: 176

Cleveland's sweep of Toronto and the renewed chemistry that appears to have been forged between LeBron James and the rest of the roster seems to bode well for their prospects of keeping the NBA's most dominant player.

Continuing to stockpile young talent that King James is excited about certainly wouldn't hurt the Cavaliers' pitch, and it just so happens that one of the most talented players in the draft could be sitting here at No. 8. Young plays a huge position of need for this squad, which has cycled through more than a half dozen guard options over the course of the season. If Young is gone, one of the many frontcourt options -- such as Carter, Bamba, either Bridges or Porter -- could also be attractive.

Starting salary: $4,033,800

9. New York Knicks
Collin Sexton
Age: 19.3

Height: 6-foot-2 | Weight: 183

Frank Ntilikina has had some nice rookie moments, but the Knicks are finding out that the long-armed, 6-foot-5 guard seems better suited playing alongside a more dominant ball handler and shot creator who can take some of the scoring responsibilities off his shoulders.

Enter Sexton, with his tremendous aggressiveness driving the lane, taking off-the-dribble jumpers and putting defensive pressure on opposing guards. NBA teams have some concerns about Sexton's decision-making and reckless style of play. Fiercely competitive, Sexton has shown enough flashes in the right areas to be comfortably projected as a starting-caliber point guard, with plenty of upside to grow into.

Starting salary: $3,708,120

10. Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers)
Mikal Bridges
Age: 21.6

Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 200

The 76ers have gotten great production out of JJ Redick and Marco Belinelli, but with both players approaching free agency, and their mid-30s, it makes sense to think about drafting a wing who can complement their building blocks of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz.

Bridges is an easy player to slot on almost any NBA roster, thanks to his multipositional defensive versatility, 3-point shooting and role-player potential. He isn't as gifted a shot creator as you'd like from a top-10 pick, but on this roster, he won't need to be.

Starting salary: $3,522,480

Philadelphia will receive the Lakers' pick if it lands at No. 1 or Nos. 6-14 (97.1 percent chance). Otherwise, the pick goes to Boston. We break down the Celtics' options here.

11. Charlotte Hornets
Miles Bridges
Michigan State
Age: 20.1

Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 226

Charlotte continues to search for long-term solutions at both forward positions and will likely look to add athleticism to what has become a fairly disappointing roster.

Bridges is a freakish athlete who struggled at times to make the full-time transition to small forward, but he undoubtedly has potential as a two-way wing who can guard all over the floor and give you enough shooting, ballhandling and passing to get by at one of the most important positions in today's NBA.

Starting salary: $3,346,560


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The NBA draft lottery is pure poppycock.

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1 minute ago, TheRed said:

The NBA draft lottery is pure poppycock.

It is RIGGED. No doubt about it. Why not show it live on TV if it is not rigged. Instead, it is behind closed doors.

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16 minutes ago, OldNorthPowell said:

It is RIGGED. No doubt about it. Why not show it live on TV if it is not rigged. Instead, it is behind closed doors.

That Pelicans poo still pisses me off until this day. fug them. 

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And that, that is why you tank. We literally pick every year around pick 10 or 11. It is just the way things are. The commissioner said we have to keep the league competitive. Yeah, that will never happen and he knows it. To be a good team you have to ..........


Image result for tank gif

Edited by OldNorthPowell

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 Another undersized player.. hell no


Sga if we're going to move walker. Otherwise I like Knox as a small forward. 


Edited by toldozer

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History has taught us two things:

1. There will be a good player available at #11.

2. We won't draft him.

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I think Knox would be good if we are looking to move towards a 3pt shooting team.

Bridges isn't a bad idea. I kinda like his athleticism. Just don't draft a big-white-guy that has a high motor and bball IQ = I will be happy.

Kemba, Lamb, Monk, Knox and even Bacon - All spreading the floor. We need to have our GO-TO iso guy though. I don't see Monk being that guy because he is so undersized, but you never know

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Listen folks, our chance at a decent or better franchise died the day the NBA gave New Orleans Anthony Davis.

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