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Jeremy Igo

There is one reason this Cam Newton draw play didn't work.

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On 9/11/2018 at 6:52 AM, Navy_football said:

Dang it! The tackles had the easiest blocks in that scheme. Don't let him cross your face. Ride him outside if he wants to go there. 

Why overextend and get yourself out of position in case he cut back in? Amini isn't physically or mentally capable of what's being asked of him. 


I mean just understanding the play conceptually would allow even below average athletes to be effective enough to allow a positive play in that scenario.

Know your job or get off the field. (or be a veteran / liked by RR)

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Only thing I'm upset about is he should have never been the next man up at right tackle. Maybe they figured we had the game in hand and just wanted to see what he could do, but the dude has barely been serviceable as a guard and you want to try him for the first time at tackle against one the league's premier pass rushers? That one's on Ron and the staff. Amini has no talent, that's not his fault.

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