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Vikings coach claims official admitted clean hit drew penalty: 'They just want us to throw the flag'

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1 hour ago, Wyank said:

Pretty sure the repercussions was Cam Newton taking more hits to the dome without a flag thrown since he spoke out on a ref.  Not exactly what you meant.

For Hochuli, I mean. 

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On 9/20/2018 at 3:13 PM, Mr. Scot said:

The NFL is really getting raked over the coals by a lot of analysts for these new rules...and they deserve to be. Even Kirk Cousins admitted the flag on Clay Matthews for hitting him was questionable.

When you're getting doubted by guys who actually benefited from what you did, it's time to ask some questions.

Yeah, the NFL has a major problem on its hands. I think it has a new vision for the essence of the sport, but is afraid to make radical overhauls en masse. I bet if you are around long enough to see the NFL in 20 years it will be virtually another game altogether.

They've been chewing away at the nature of the game for years, and I don't think they're about to stop.

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4 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Yeah, I can't imagine an analytical finance guy like Tepper getting hoodwinked on a bad investment of $2B+. He's only making that huge of a bet on something that he sees as a sure thing.


The issue is ‘TV ratings’ plummeting (by as much as 10%) and people attributing that to a decline in interest.

Two major factors (unrelated to each other) are happening. Digital devices, able to watch games without TV networks and big market teams more or less sucking since the cap was put in place (Cowboys, Giants, 49ers).

What’s really happening, people watch on other devices and smaller market teams (Jaguars, Browns, Panthers) are coming up and evening the big guys out since the cap.

But if you want to ignore everything about ratings and teams, cool. That brings us to the end all, revenue. The NFL is the most popular and lucrative sport in the U.S. and in the world. The highest revenue from an NFL team is higher than any team and and sport in the world.

To go even further when looking for total worth of the team, there are more NFL teams in the top ten than any other sport and if you look at top 20, the NFL still reigns supreme.

The cherry on top is the fact revenue and worth is INCREASING. As a whole, but for most teams. 

The facts are there and I was always one of those people who thought soccer was #1 which may be true for small market teams but since the cap that has slowly been changing.

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Worth mentioning here: The reporter that spent four years embedded with the NFL mentioned that the league realizes Commissioner Rodger Goodell is extremely unpopular with fans.

Many owners say they're highly concerned about that. The flip side though is that when they want to do something unpopular, they can just use him as a lightning rod, and he seemed willing to play that role (not everyone would)..

What I'm not sure they realize is that one of the biggest reasons he's so unpopular is because he's the person that people associate with the rule changes and policies for which the owners themselves are actually most responsible.

Edited by Mr. Scot

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They are taking the violence out of the game and that is sad. 

If people think that helmet to helmet hits aren't going to happen if you throw a stupid rule in to prevent it they are wrong.

These guys are moving a mile a minute, twisting and turning, moving up and down.   it is going to happen.  When refs make this call the call should immediately be reviewed by a small 3 man panel in NY or wherever.  The technology we have today these calls can be made pretty quickly.  Three guys make the call.  Play stands or no penalty. 

In week one there was a QB that got pile driven into the ground but was clearly not a foul yet the defender was penalized for roughing the passer.  The defender had his hands on him before the ball was thrown and his momentum was going straight through the QB.  I was appalled at the call. 

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