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    • Jesus. A 3-4 OLB at #8? Two major off-field character concerns in the 2nd round? Another slow WR in the 3rd? Never. Gonna. Happen. There's at least a decent chance that his top three picks won't even be on our draft board. Gettleman has said numerous times in the past that guys who aren't scheme fits for us aren't on our draft board. There goes McKinley. Given our past with guys like Carruth and Hardy, there's zero chance that Mixon is on our board. Given Robinson's off-field issues involving a stolen gun, I'd say there's a better than average chance that he's not on our board either. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a more unrealistic mock draft for the Panthers if you set out to try to do just that.
    • I can't say that any one of those guys ends up a Panther.  I think if Cam is there at 40 (which I doubt), then we would likely pull the trigger.
    • The need by some Americans here and across the country to demonize only select individuals for rioting (ahem, minorities) speaks directly to the fact that we've really made little actual progress since witnessing unrest in our streets dating back to the civil rights era. Ask yourself truthfully, what has really changed when the first thing some white people can think of even today in 2017 when they see a black person "rioting" is, "why are these black people so angry?"? But then white people rioting over a sporting event or a pumpkin festival is viewed as harmless tomfoolery.  If you as not only an American but also a basic human being fail to see the difference in the dynamic at play here as it pertains to the response to these instances, you are part of the problem whether you realize it or not.