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Samuel L. Jackson

The one person that cost us this game?

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What caused this loss was bad coaching, poor personnel decisions before the season started and injuries. Two out of the three could be corrected.

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conservative playcalling from both sides cost us the game.

were up 21-13 and we get the ball twice in good field position yet we just sit on the ball.

until the giants could mustard up a comeback.then we go into super duper conservative mode,horrible coached game by us

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That too, but Carolina defense is known for stopping teams and keeping us up. This team has did a 360 to our offense winning, and I dont think Fox realized it yet

Past several weeks I've read the defense speak about the offense

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If I had to blame one person, it would be Ken Lucas. You're sympathy honeymoon is over Kenny.

'Bout time someone said it. I think some Brain cells were lost when smitty decked him. WTF is his problem?

And Smitty....Can you make that holding a little less obvious...Geez?

This is not Kasay's fault...

But if I have to point fingers, it was the D. I don't know if they were tired or worn out, they just checked out on a couple of drives(the game tying drive and the rape-job on the ground in overtime)

I'm just a little pi$$ed, cuz we really had that game

In all fairness though, the team on the other side are world champs 4 a reason. We had them down and laid down our swords in the 2nd half...that's why we lost!!! We thought the game was in the bag. We learned a huge lesson on national TV.

All in all, this will hurt for a couple of days, but I think this game will help us more than it will damage us. I want a rematch in the NFC championship game at their house. This is not over!

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