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John Fox

2012 looks like the worst movie ever

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I can imagine a couple of Mayan guys sitting around centuries ago having a discussion...

"So we've got the calendar up to 2012. Wanna keep going?"

"That's far enough. None of us will even be alive then, so why bother."

"Cool....Wait, you don't think anyone will freak out because it stops at 2012, do you?"



I wish I could rep you...

That's f'in great!

Ill bet dollars to donuts that someone will be in this thread after it comes out talking about how holes in the plot made it an unwatchable movie.

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I was gonna rep you in another thread, but got the "spread some rep" message... So I tried to do it here, but still getting the message...

I'll get you when I can, bro... I owe you at least 2...

its all good...go take a look at some of my latest posts on the LL forum..and the ass thread just for you!

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I could care less if this movie had a plot or story at all, the point is watching the earth get destroyed using state of the art CG. You go see this movie to see poo get fuged up. You will never see it happen in real life, so you go see it in a movie. It would be even better in IMAX 3D.

I'm going to smoke a fatty and go see this and I have a feeling I will enjoy the hell out of it. It's fun to watch epic destruction, period.

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