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Has South Park finished jumping the shark?

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This season has been more hit-or-miss than most. Mainly because they have been skipping a lot of the sophisticated social commentary and doing a lot of soft-ball, pop culture stuff - Or as I like to call it , "going Eminem" - by which I mean that lately it seems like they look at whatever show or celebrity is popular that week and makes a parody of it. Last night's was kind of a whiff. Whale Whores was epic. Still I'd like to see more stuff based on social issues like the sex change episode or the scientology episode.

I have only seen one "bad" episode of South Park, and that's the one where Stan coaches the hockey team. Must be something I don't pick up on because that episode is totally wasted on me.

I have a soft spot for "Hell on Earth 2006," and the one where Wendy breaks up with Stan and he goes Goth.

"Wendy...you're a bitch. Token, *produces middle finger* right here buddy." I died the first time I saw that.

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