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Samuel L. Jackson

Cobra Kai was badass...

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Just found this FB group and laughed pretty hard while reading some of the comments and stuff... Yeah, I am bored this morning...


Organizations - Religious Organizations


Think about it:

They were a bunch of preppy blonde white kids with dirt bikes.

They were totally dedicated to going to their dojo every day to learn how to kick innocent people's asses and assert their social/economic dominance of the community via karate.

Their motto was "Strike First, Strike Hard, Show No Mercy," of which all three elements go against the usual karate stuff about avoiding conflict and being all swan-like and merciful.

Their best kid was named Johnny Lawrence and he fuged people up and called Mr. Miyagi a stupid old man.

Ralph Macchio came to one of their social functions and got food splattered all over his poor, new-kid ass.

The Cobra Kai didn't need a bunch of montages and internment camp anecdotes from an old Japanese guy to motivate them to beat ass.

Their sensei's cinematic characterization consisted entirely of a two-second shot of a picture of him holding a grenade launcher in Vietnam and looking like he needed to take a huge dump all over your village.

Said sensei told his students to go after Ralph Macchio, a la "Sweep the leg, Randy!"

They wore black karate gis with cobras on the back, and I don't even think Asia HAS snakes. God damn!

They almost won the All-Valley Tournament except for that mantis-kick, wax-on bullshit. All Valley is the realm of the fuging champs.

Pat Morita just died.

They rolled up on Ralph Macchio on their dirtbikes when he was at the beach trying to diddle Johnny Lawrence's ex girl. Then they popped his soccer ball and ran him over or some poo. Also they drove down in formation.

SWEEP THE LEG...Jesus, these are some badass motherfugers.

This group is dedicated to the real "best around"

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    •     Now don't take this the wrong way, but....are you two nuts? Now, if the kid didn't have those injury issues, maybe I can get on board. But man, those petite WRs with injury issues in college? Those guys scare the living poo outta me.   Now get me a Ross clone and I'm on board. Someone for the slot that could actually, you know, scare a Defense. Now that would tickle my giddy like nobodies bidness.
    • IMO, it is obvious, to me anyhow, that the kid has matured. He has taken heat for standing up for what he believes, and has done it the right way. No snarky comments to the press. Keeping his head down, and working toward a goal. He has brought to light injustices not only in our country, but in others as well. His foundation just contributed over a million and a half dollars to the Simolian relief effort.   All that is admirable to be sure. And he can play football as well, or better, than enough QBs to earn himself a shot at a job.   It is not the football side of his life that is keeping him off teams. Almost every team hates distractions. It is just how it is. And Kaep is a walking distraction at this point in time.   I would like to add that another thought could be that at this point in FA, no one is being signed. OK, maybe a better way to put that is, FA spending has slowed considerably.   If teams head to Training Camp and he is still unemployed. Then I may start believing in conspiracies.
    • lol lol lol fahey watched every snap of every game and graded the quarterbacks as he saw it. kaepernick is a fine game manager who was let down repeatedly by perhaps the shittiest set of skill position players in the league and oh yeah he can run like the wind. you've got to be pretty stupid to think this is anything but a quarterback starved league blackballing a serviceable quarterback all because he had the audamndacity to protest racism in america and tbh i've not seen one post itt that would cause me to even begin to question that.