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Charlotte opens season against UNC-Asheville

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Not many Niner fans here I know, but tonight we open against UNC-Asheville. We're down our starting small forward to a calf injury, our starting power forward was suspended for the first game for breaking a team rule, our starting PG who was 5th in the nation in assists last season will play but is hobbled with an ankle injury, and our starting SG will have his shoulder in a protective sleeve after suffering a dislocated shoulder. :eek:

Despite that, we shouldn't have any problems handling Asheville. Our first true test will come against Duke on Tuesday.

If anyone wants to catch the game, here is a link to watch online at 7:30:

We're a young team this year, so my expectations aren't sky high, but we brought in some good young talent for the first time in a few years, so we have a good foundation for the future. We could surprise some people, we weren't as bad as our record indicated last season. We lost a lot of players to injury last season and still managed to beat Mississippi State, Dayton, Xavier, and lost to Clemson by 1, who were all NCAA teams.

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Charlotte wins 86-70.

You could definitely tell this was an inexperienced team missing two of it's starters. There were some positives, but plenty of negatives as well. Definitely talented, just need some time to gel. I'd like to think that will happen before the Duke game, but its doubtful. We will get beaten by 20+ if we play Duke like we played Asheville tonight.

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    • i just took this test again for shits and i got infj, whereas last year i got intj. so my thinking got flipped to feeling but it's still fairly close. other than that, i'm still an introvert but it went down from last year from 72% to 59%. i'm not really surprised because i got a job in nyc in the last year that has forced me to adapt to social interaction. other than that there were no massive changes though.
    • Jesus. A 3-4 OLB at #8? Two major off-field character concerns in the 2nd round? Another slow WR in the 3rd? Never. Gonna. Happen. There's at least a decent chance that his top three picks won't even be on our draft board. Gettleman has said numerous times in the past that guys who aren't scheme fits for us aren't on our draft board. There goes McKinley. Given our past with guys like Carruth and Hardy, there's zero chance that Mixon is on our board. Given Robinson's off-field issues involving a stolen gun, I'd say there's a better than average chance that he's not on our board either. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a more unrealistic mock draft for the Panthers if you set out to try to do just that.