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Matt Foley

Toughest people ever

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I dunno......I'd say Genghis Khan was the most ruthless.....lay down your arms against me and my army or I will slay the entire village....would chop everbody up and leave a pile of bones in the middle of the village for anybody who wanted to know what would happen to them if they wanted to fight.

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damn Genghis Khan didn't railroad people to camps and such.....he would slay them into bones and burn EVERYTHING that was left. People would come across his work and find a pile of bones and a charred village. Damn guy was also the closest to taking Japan of anybody else other than the US for hundreds of years.

He may have been the only conqueror, other than the US with nuclear weapons, to ever take mainland Japan if not for some untimely cyclones when he launched ships to overtake it.

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Pathfinder was one of those movies that was so bad it's good. It was nothing but Vikings slaughtering native americans. The indians were so inept and outmatched that it's hilarious.

Also, there's this, it's worth the read (quoted from imdb review: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446013/usercomments?start=10 ):

Speaking of which, who remembers the scene in The Last of the Mohicans where the guy who acts like a jerk the whole time because he's hopelessly in love with the lead female character sacrificed himself so that the other good guys could get away, and was then shot to death by his friends who wanted to put him out of his misery because the bad guys were burning him alive? Well the EXACT same thing happens in this movie. The only difference is that it's Vikings that are burning the guy alive instead of a rival tribe of Indians. Now you may be thinking, "maybe they never saw The Last of the Mohicans, and it's just a coincidence." Not so...and how do I know this? Because the actor that plays the old/wise Indian in this movie is THE SAME F***ING GUY FROM THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. You'd think he would have told the producers, "Hey, I made this exact same movie in 1992 where I played this exact same role and we did this exact same scene, except that when we did it that time it didn't have Vikings in it and we did it in a way that didn't suck." Or actually, maybe he's the reason that scene is in this movie. Maybe he told the producers, "Hey guys, we should totally have a scene where the guy who acts like a jerk the whole movie because he is in love with the lead female character nobly sacrifices himself for the good of everybody else and then gets burned alive, but then his friends shoot him as they are fleeing so that he won't have to suffer any longer. Trust me, we have to have that scene or this movie will be terrible. I'm not doing this movie if we don't have that scene."

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I'm talking people, not leaders. Hell, some Japanese leader did things in China that would make Attila the Hun blush.

What people were generally the worst guests of all time? Think about if aliens ever visit and they are like vikings. We're screwed.

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